Has anyone had experience with their pups having reverse sneezing attacks? 

This morning I woke up to Laika honking out weird coughs which I'm pretty positive was reverse sneezing, which is weird because I've only ever seen it in brachycephalic dogs. She had a bordetella shot on wednesday and I would have assumed it was a reaction to the shot except she was acting strange. She kept trying to sit in my lap (she is NOT a lap dog), was shaking uncontrollably, and had no appetite. Because of the strange behavior I brought her to the vet (after scrambling to find a vet, since her vet is back in San Antonio and I'm in Austin), they ran a CBC and it looked fine, also she she had no fever, so they gave her a steroid shot and sent her home. The shot seems to be helping, she's back to her normal self now and its like it never happened. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with reverse sneezing with their corgis and if it was a one time situation or if it seemed to happen again and again. 

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I think the others will say this is semi-typical for their dogs.  Twinkie will do this if she eats something she shouldn't (like a tree nut) or something really dry (like a piece of cereal).  Sometimes I try to massage her throat.  Don't know if really helps but it makes us both feel a little better.  I guess I would say not to worry too much about it.
Yeah the only reason I was so worried was her bizarre behavior, which is what worried the vet as well. She was just sitting in the kitchen shaking and if I sat down next to her she'd slowly walk over and sit down in my lap which she never does. And she's typically a fiend for chicken jerky and she wanted nothing to do with it. Also we were all sleeping on my bed when it happened so I'm not sure what set it off. Does Twinkie act weird when she has her reverse sneezing attacks?

I've heard covering their nose and stroking their throat may help it to stop, or even squirting a little water in their mouths. Basically you just want her to swallow.


This may be totally unrelated, but is the chicken jerky made in China? If so, I'd be careful feeding it as it's caused some dogs to get very sick.

Thanks for the tips

No, I'm careful not to feed them the stuff from China 

Sometimes  dogs do this and it means nothing, sometimes they do this when eating too fast and maybe a kibble goes the wrong way,  but sometimes it occurs as a sign of kennel cough, either in conjunction with the cough, or as the only symptom if the case is mild.  I recently adopted a corgi with a bad case of kennel cough. He also had been given a bordatella shot at the shelter a few days before I adopted him and he displayed symptoms... He  often did the reverse sneezing in addition to the coughing.  After a week my mini dachshund also came down with the infection, her case was mild, she never coughed or gagged, but only had the reverse sneezing occasionally over a number of days.  If it's kennel cough, dogs generally have trouble when pulling on their collar as the trachea is affected, that would give you a clue.

Yes....all of my dogs have done this at one time or the other, but my corgis more so.  If you rub their throats, down up, then it seems to calm it down.  I'm wondering if it's related to the bordetella?  I don't know if it's a killed virus or not, but I'm thinking it's a live one...

Both of my dogs get little attacks like this.  What I usually do is have them sit on my lap, with their back to me.  Then I lift their front paws up above their heads, and tilt their heads backward to stretch their diaphragm.  Then I just use a really soothing voice to calm them down.  It works with mine, I hope it helps yours too!
Franklin has reverse sneezing every once in a while. For him it is an allergy. He doesn't typically do it at home, but when I go to one of my friends  houses he always has a reverse sneeze attack, I think he may be allergic to her carpets or cats or something. I've never seen him tremble from it but it is scary, and probably scary for them, so maybe she just freaked herself out from not being able to breath properly
I like to go to dog shows and have seen it many times in the corgis. Sparty does it occasionally and Izzy very rarely. I just cover their nose so they breathe out of their mouth and it usually stops. It doesn't appear to be a big deal. I wonder if it just scared Laika and that is why she acted strange. It is possible that she had a reaction to the bordetella though.
Noodles hasn't had one in a while, but he did go for a couple years of having them quite often. I had to document everything for his vet, but there really wasn't a pattern. I always cover his nose to force him to breathe out of his mouth. He gets scared and just wants to snuggle with me after he has one of these.


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