Well, we went to Oklahoma last week (all the way from Orlando, FL!) to get Phoebe and she is SO PERFECT. However, she started puking. I was very concerned and took her to the vet. She put her on antibiotics and anti-nausea medication. However, she threw up over the weekend when she was off of the meds. In her puke was........a ROUNDWORM. Yes, even though she came back negative for worms, there it was. A tiny 3 inch monster that came out of her. Needless to say, we are taking her to the vet tomorrow and steam cleaning our carpet! If anyone has a similar experience to share or helpful tips please comment! Thanks :)

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No experience with that, thank god, but poor little thing.  Glad you are taking her to the vet.  Hope its easily treated!  Welcome to the corgiverse!

Don't panic. Roundworms are endemic to mammals. Chances are you already have a few yourself. Take the dog to the vet; follow instructions. It'll be OK. So will you. Really. <3

Most pups are born with worms and the breeder should have wormed them. If they did maybe didn't get the right wormer.

This is what I thought, well she had three rounds of dewormer from my vet and some anti-nausea medication. She hasn't had anymore puking today and she hasn't had any medication so, all is well! She seems really happy and healthy. Thanks for the comments and support :) 

Poppy had some worms and giardia when we picked her up. Vet said typical for a pup coming from a farm, as livestock usually have them. A round or two of dewormer and she was fine. She wasn't vomiting or having diarrhea, though. Vet also recommended a probiotic as puppy guts aren't always strong in the good bacteria department. She is doing great now and no bugs or giardia.


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