Rowdy's not feeling well! Making the switch to adult food?

Hey everyone... I've been reading many of the threads about dog food brands/yucky poos/switching to adult food/etc and just want some specific opinions on what I've gathered.


Rowdy's going to be a year old on Friday so this last week or two we've started giving him food that was half his puppy food (Beneful Puppy) and half the adult food (Beneful Adult). I think the last couple days it has been more adult vs puppy per scoop, and he has not been reacting well to it. He's having diarrhea and can't even hold it (has gone in both his crates twice and on the carpet twice... and the bathtub). It's the saddest thing and the only thing we can think of is the change in food.  


Now I'm reading that Beneful isn't the greatest choice because of the artificial dyes and whatnot. I'm liking what I see regarding  Wellness (which one?) and Canidae (again, which one?).  I'd love some more insight because I need to get my boy feeling better ASAP! 


Rowdy is a year old and 32 pounds (he's a big boy, but perfectly proportioned).


I'd love and appreciate any information and tips!



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Hi Kayla, gradually adjust the ratio between the new / old food over a week's time, if his poop is not solid by day 8, may be its a good idea to look for something else. There are other factors that can affect his poop, water, stress, changes in routine / people / location / new dog...etc.
I would back off a bit and go 1/4 new and 3/4 old for a week, they key is doing this very slowly. Then 1/2 and 1/2 after a week etc. My preference would be Canidea all life stages (I feed this to my pups and adults) but some of mine get TOTW. If the food your are feeding works for you then go with it. You can look up old food discussions also.Some of the old discussions also can refer you to charts with the dog food ratings.Also watch the protein content as Corgis are large breed dogs and the level should be around 24% till after 18 months. Good luck!

I really doubt that a change from puppy to adult food could really be causing that much dire rear, so perhaps something else is going on here?  Has he been wormed recently? 


I've used both Wellness (I forget which one--the Core I think it was) and Canidae and they liked it.  Now we're using Taste of the Wild. I switch between the 4 flavors and never do any kind of gradual switch. If your dog gets used to a rotation of protein sources, then you shouldn't need to make these long gradual changes.  I add raw chicken to their food somedays, with a puree of low glycemic vegetables, or some home cooked food (just for them) instead of canned.  They get beef roast or pork, depending on what's on sale.


Also, you're past the stage now, but puppy food really isn't necessary if you're feeding a high quality food in general. It's a fallacy, like Senior food, meant to make the big food companies more money.


Good luck and I hope Rowdy starts feeling better soon.

The switch from puppy to adult within the same brand shouldn't really cause loose stools.  Did he get into something that upset his tummy?  


As far as switching brands, Wellness is good but very expensive, so it really depends on what you are looking for.  For a Corgi I would favor the regular line over the Core; I don't think most Corgis need the high protein.  But that's just me.  


I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to food (we feed Iam's) but Beneful gets most of its protein from vegetable sources AND has sugar in it.   Personally I would agree with your feeling that maybe it would be good to switch.  


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