Hello friends,
I noticed today that Dragster has discharge from one eye. I cleaned it this morning because it just looked like an eye boogie. I noticed hes had it all day.. its just looks like eye boogies.. similar to when a human wakes up and has an eye boogie. Maybe its allergies to the season change? what should i keep an eye out for? (no pun intended) :)

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Sparty gets them during certain times of the year and he has allergies. Izzy gets little ones all the time and does not have allergies. Doesn't seem to bother them.
Get a bottle of saline and squirt the eye and surround area wet, wipe it with a cotton pad. Some crust may be too dry and you may need to soak the area a bit. Always wipe around the eye and avoid irritating it. For some stubborn "crust", you may need to do a warm water compress.

Use one hand to hold his nose / mouth, use the other hand and hold a yummy treat, move it up and down, left to right, see if there's any redness in the sclera. Use a flash light and shine it from the side and check for clarity.

If everything checks out fine, then it's just a booger and you have nothing to worry about :)
Sage gets these...sometimes one eye and sometimes both! It's worse right now and then gets better and worse...hers is allergies.
thanks everyone! it seems to be watering today.. kind of like allergies. Hes never had to it before so i was just curious. His eye doesn't look red either.
Well Dragsters eye is still running and my mom and i made up a mixture of boric acid with water (which is good for healing eyes) but as the night as gone on it has got red. I did the flash light thing and it was not red at the time.. but it is now.. maybe he poked it on something?
Boric acid + water = is a weak acid (ph 7-10), when you use it to wash your eyes, you are guaranteed to have redness and watery eyes. You also risk contamination from your environment and a lack of sterilized containers.

Commercial salines solutions are already pH-buffered, you can dispense straight from the squirt bottle.
We had this as well, and went to the Vet; it was nothing. But it is always good to have it checked out-you never know!
It doesn't seem to be bothering him maybe ill just get the saline.. Sam that would explain why it was red. Its not too red this morning so i think ill get the saline and keep doctoring it over the weekend. Anything i should watch out for?
The cheapest Saline solution is probably equate brand from walmart, keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't perform face diving across the carpet or paw at it, use an inflatable collar if needed :) Get well soon!
Gwynn used to have blocked tear ducts. Hot compresses: put a wet rag in the microwave (test temp on your lips). It was kind of recurrent. Labor-intensive, but repeated applications of hot compresses cleared it up.
Noodles has had watery eyes off and on, but on a couple times, I had to take him to the vet because his eye was red. He did have an infection and I was given eye drops to put in his eye for a couple of weeks (this has happened 2 times). Now that I think about it, the two times I've had to take him in for his watery eye is in the spring time. I do notice that around this time of year (fall, when the weather gets cooler in the morning), his eyes are more watery than normal, but there is no green/yellow color discharge coming from his eyes.


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