Enzo loves to chew. We've come to accept that he is just going to be a life long chewer.  We used to get him bully sticks but now he finishes them within an hour and it gives him the runs. Giving him bones scares us too much that they will splinter. Any ideas on natural, safe things he can chew on? 

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I swear on Anter. My girl is a chewer to, she can go through a bully stick in 15-20 min. We where told one day to try Antler and i will never go back. It is safer than bone as it gets filled down smoothly and it doesn't splinter. One large or jumbo lasts about a month. The inside which is softer cleans the teeth really well which is a Bonus! The only thing is that i find that no large chain petstore carry them, only our small pets stores do. Where i get them they are about $10 for large. There is no way i could get a month suppy of bully sticks for $10 a month.
I've looked at antlers a bit online, and have thought about them more Ella. Is there a brand that is "good"? I also notice different animal antlers can be bought. What animal do you get? Do you limit daily time that it's out?
Ella has tried pigs ears, and ate it so fast she threw it back up. I've tried the big animal femurs, and had to limit her time with it each day to like 5-10 minutes as she wouldn't leave it alone for a second.
We buy a brand called Puppy Love, as it is a local but we live in canada, and we buy them from a small pet shop by house house. I have never seen any from american distributors (mind you there a alot of elk and deer in the province i live in) We give them Elk Antler as they are sold in larger peices than the deer antler. We don't really limit the time they spend on it. They will go to town on it once or twice a day from any where from 5 min to and hour a couple times a day. They do not get it when they are in there pen while we are out of the house, just in case. We have been giving it to them for 5 months now and never had a problem with them getting the runs, vomiting, or choking, Oh and they don't smell at all!!!! which is great!!!!
Kimberlie - Where are you buying them? I also live in Edmonton and was thinking about picking one up for Casey to try, but haven't seen them.
I give Franklin knuckle bones, they are less likely to chip or shatter than the femur bones and they tend to last a lot longer. He will chew on them for hours, which is what I want. His teeth have never looked better. I can get them at Pet Club for $3 or $4 and PetSmart carries them 3 to a bag for around $12. I also recently bought him an everlasting treat ball and the treat part lasts about two seconds but if you stuff a hard treat into the center it takes a while for them to get it out. Franklin is very intellegent but it still takes him about 30 min to get a big hard treat out of the center. I also fill kongs with the kong version of easy cheese and freeze it, that usually lasts about half hour or so. I like the tug-a-jug and various types of treat balls which make him work for treats or kibble. All ways to keep his mind busy.
I buy half-antlers from this seller on etsy; I buy the large size and they last forever. The ones at my local store are maybe 4" and really skinny...not something I'd feel safe giving to my dogs. These are nice and big.


My guys love himalayan yak cheese too, it lasts quite a long time. You can get it at bestbullysticks.com.

I buy Merrick brand ears for my guys too occasionally, I can't remember if they are pig or cow...but they are huge and not greasy like the regular ones (uck). They do stink a bit though.
I got the Himalayan ones from the same place as they said it would last a long time. I'm glad to hear it worked for you but my dogs were able to bite off big chunks and swallow them.

I had good luck with the antlers and the bestbullysticks.com has good prices.
Thanks for all the tips. Our local pet store is ordering some antlers for Enzo. Can't wait to get them for him.
I bought Sage a rubber Occupi by Pet stages,medium. Since rubber is ok I think this is great as it has 3 different things you can do with it. You can put kibbles in the holes, peanut butter or snack bones in the middle so they can have a variety. Sage loves hers and I'm hoping it will help with the shoe chewing problem!
Maybe try the never ending treat ball? I think that's what its called. My brother has one for his aussie and it lasts a long time because they can't really get to the treat with the big rubber thing around it

Edit: found it, its called the Everlasting Treat and they usually eat the top part pretty quick but then it flattens out and they'll sit for hours scraping their teeth on it and not getting very far, haha. Also you can tuck treats in the other side of it
my corgis eat the whole thing in 10 mins, they must have fingers!
I just gave Charlie an antler too and I think he is now trying to hide it! Is that normal??


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