I recently took my 3 year old corgi to the vet and had him boarded for one night and groomed.  After he returned home, I noticed he was lethargic, but I assumed he was tired from barking at other dogs all night.  I took him to the emergency vet the next night because he wasn't improving, and he had started wincing when I would pet his back.  Hank's temperature was at 106.7.  The vet noticed discoloration on his rump, and decided to shave the area to determine what the cause of the pain was.  He is covered with swollen, pink marks and bloody, oozing pustules from his tail to the nape of his neck.  The vet said it looks almost like a burn, or a chemical reaction.  Hank is staying his second night in the ICU as his fever is not down. 


I will post a picture link at the end of this, as I imagine most people will not want to look at it unwittingly. 


Has anyone had a problem like this with their corgi?  Any ideas of what it might be, besides contact dermatitis? 


WARNING: highly unpleasant photo in this link.


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I'm so blessed to hear that your pup is doing better, even more so that they covered the vet bills.

I would though get the exact specifics of what was in the shampoo that was used, it will help not only your groomer out knowing this but as well you in the future.

Anyways, please do keep us informed of any progress.



Don and Crew

so awesome they covered the medical bills. Now that's a good vet! I hope he is feeling better.

The lab results from the seepage on Hank's back is in, and he contracted pseudomonas bacteria.  Apparently when the groomer at the vet dilutes his shampoo, he was reusing the bottles month after month, and just adding more product to the old bottle.  The bacteria developed in the bottle, and Hank happened to be the unlucky dog who was susceptible to it. They switched medicines to a stronger antibiotic today, and hopefully he should be fully recovered in two weeks!


Why pet groomers must sanitize dilution bottles

WOW...I don't have my dogs groomed but I would think that they should know better...hope you feel better soon Hank!
I'm without words...you would think a vet's office (of all places) would know better.  I'm so happy that Hank is on the mend and I hope he has a very speedy recovery now that he's on the right medication.  Take care!  :)

Wow, that's a classic " they should have known better" sisuation. I know that bottles are expensive but I mean bleach isn't that expensive and just out of general practice things of that nature should be sanitized before even considering being used again. And just a quick note from speed reading this article, the bacteria can cause the same infection/reaction in humans as well.



I'm so very glad that it was narrowed down and your pup is better, also prob. just saved another dogs life as well by exposing this one. I'd have to say that you and your pup are savors in a sense, I'll keep your pup in my thoughts for a quick recovery and please let us know how it goes.

Hope he is feeling better today.


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