Some of you may remember last May I rescued 2 Pems....the female had been attacked by something large (ie coyote, pit bull...there is alot of that going on where they came from), had puncture wounds on her back that became infected, then maggots moved in and fever and the owner FINALLY took her to the vet with 103 temp and nearly dead.  Vet saved her life with anti-bi's, wound care, etc. but the owner decided he could no longer care for her (he couldn't pay the bill either) and contacted Corgi rescue...I saw it and the rest is history, I have her (now called Katie) and her son(now called Jack "Bauer"..we are 24 fans)...we had to have all the vacs done and rabies, etc etc.  Fortunately, no problems with 4 & 2 year olds, we were lucky there. 


Well Katie is all healed (cold-lazer therapy was awesome) and having never been socialized they have come along way.  Jack is very friendly once he gets to know you (neither are real fond of men, but Jack will sit with my hubby on the sofa for pets and scratches) Katie is still very shy of ppl and we have to almost chase her to pick her up (she will eventually sit and raise her arms to be picked up) and she loves to cuddle with me and they both sleep on the bed with us....but the major "problem" is Katie barking!


I call her "Little big mouth" as she constantly is barking at me to sit with her and cuddle...I can be on the computer or in the kitchen or bedroom and yap, yap, yap...right at me.  I have tried to tell her to be quiet, no, hush, etc. nothing deters her.  The main problem is my husband office is in our home and his office is right down the stairs from out great room/kitchen/master bedroom....he hears all this commotion and it is distracting when he is on the phone with clients/boss/etc. 


Does anyone have any ideas what to do to stop her "demands"....I know Corgis, and I know how bossy they can be.  Her being abused doesn't help cause I don't want to scare her any more than she already is.  Jack is not a problem...altho they all get going when they "think" someone is here!  Haha...we used to call our Emma a "rabel rouser" cause she would bark like something was happening, the other dogs (lab, setter) would run after what the supposed intruder was (we live on a farm) and she would sit down and watch them go! 


Sorry so long, just trying to explain...if she was a pup it might be easier but as a 4 year old rescue, any ideas would be appreciated! 


Thanks so much!   Nancy, Katie (Little Big Mouth), Jack & Angel Emma



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I think what I would do is set up an xpen in another room, or even just a babygate as long as she can't see you from the doorway. When she starts barking and won't listen, I would just firmly say "ok, time out" and calmly pick her up and put her in the pen in the other room. Let her sit for 5 minutes, and then if she's quiet go and calmly let her out. You may have to repeat many times. It might be easier to keep a short leash on her too if she gets smart about you trying to pick her up.

My sparty is a talker too. He barks at us when he wants us to know something and it is very annoying so I sympathize. All the methods such as spraying water and shaking a can of coins have no effect on him. With your corgis background I would be hesitant to try those methods but one thing I do is pick Sparty up and close him in my bedroom for a little while. It breaks the pattern for him and is not threatening so might work for you (do it calmly without anger). Good luck and good for you for rescuing!

Jack is my barker, and if we are not vigilant he starts barking for everything:  to be fed, to play, to get our attention, to ask for certain toys, etc.   I know when he starts to bark at feeding time, what we will do is start to get his dish and the first bark, we put the dish on a counter (out of reach) and turn around or walk away.  When he's quiet we pick up the dish, and if he barks down it goes again.  He only gets it if he's quiet.   

He is still a big barker, but by doing the opposite of what he wants when he barks we reduce it to a tolerable level.  If she's barking for attention, rather than ignore her I'd remove her or myself from the area, so her barking has the opposite of her desired impact.   Good luck!  

And thank you for taking in two troubled dogs and giving them a good home!

Ew.  I hate maggots.  I'd use the NILF program for the barking problem.

In the situation you describe, I would keep a leash in my pocket and quietly put her on the leash, keeping her on leash a little while, 5 minutes or so after there has been no barking or whining ( correcting with "quiet " if she barks on leash and a slight tug ).  I would downplay the situation.  Let her think you are mis-interpreting  her bark as a demand to be put on leash for a little bit, silly you!  She will eventually change her behavior.  At the same time, I would go and give her some attention when she is lying down quietly, again in a low key manner.


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