My 5 month old corgi, Annie, ALWAYS- & I mean ALWAYS (NEVER FAILS) to go to the wet kitty food and the dry kitty food, even after I have fed her her food. Any suggestions as to how to get her to stop?! It's SOO ANNOYING!- on top of the fact that I think the wet kitty food she eats gives her gas haha.

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cat food is on top of dryer. I purchaseda cat litter box where the cat jumps up on top of box to do the business, Corgi cannot jump in it.
I don't think I've ever seen a cat box like that...I need to look for one!
I love those liitter boxes they rock! I found one on!
Copper is the same way. I take him to my grandma's and the first thing he goes for is that cat food. Also, never fails. lol We just pick the food up. I can tell him no but he is in the stage where he forgets (ha ha) and goes back to it later anyways. Goood luck
I put my cat's dishes on the counter in the kitchen in an area where I don't prepare food. It seems to work out well, since she hates being on the ground with Wrigley around anyway.
mmm but mom kitty food smelllls sooo good! yup I had the same issue! I know that look when you tell them no! The only thing that worked for me was to put my kitties dish up much much higher! i thought about buying one of those tall kitty scratch posts and puttin up top, but that is pricey! so I went to a yard sale bought a coffee table (small/cheap) and now my cats eat up there! And thanks to those cute stubby legs, Walker cant reach! good luck! hope I may have helped in some way!
Oh ya, dogs will eat anything! We had to put the cat food up on a small table so that our corgi couldn't get at it. That is the only way. Up and out of the way.


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