Just curious, how do you all deal with shedding?  Do you brush?  Have your little one groomed?  And what DOESN'T work for shedding?  




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FURMINATOR FURMINATOR FURMINATOR!!!! It will be your best friend, especially if you are faithful in keeping up with it! Also, we use a product called Linatone which is a meaty tasting liquid that you can mix in with their kibble. It makes their coat shine and there is a noticeable difference in shedding after a few weeks.
Thank you!
My daughter has huskys and says a professional grooming works the best. I furminate and comb and have greatly reduced my housekeeping standards!
That is too funny Bev (greatly reduced my housekeeping standards) :)

Haha!  So true!  I vacuum the steps when the big clouds of hair get in my way going up or down.  That works out to about twice a week.   :(


A sable-and-white Corgi, a red-headed tri-colored Corgi, and a pure white cat mean I have white hair, blonde hair, red hair, dark brown hair, and black hair.  And Maddie's undercoat is grey, so I also have grey hair.  

We consider "dressing up" to mean that we leave the house NOT covered in fur.

That's funny!
I use a furminator and a regular slicker brush. I usually brush my guys about once a week and I've never had them groomed.

I'm with everyone on the Furminator.  Bear was blowing his coat when we got him (rescue) and it made a HUGE difference.  You do have to do it consistently though.  I let it go for a couple of weeks and I'm still finding fur balls.

If you decide to get a Furminator check out Amazon.  I had heart failure when I checked on them at our local pet stores but got a great price on Amazon.

Another great place to find a Furminator for cheap is at Marshalls / TJ MAXX. Bought ours for either $15 or $20!
weekly furmination, make sure you read and follow the instruction, lift UP at the end of your stroke.
Thanks for the tip :)
You can take 1/2 cup of fabric softener to a gallon of water...however much will cover your dog after you shampoo and leave on for 5 mins. rinse well and it will get rid of all loose hair and softens the coat so if showing within a week or two do not do this but is safe to use every time you bathe and alot cheaper then the furminator solution and shampoo. Though I love the furminator products except for the tools since it does damage hair coats.


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