I'm interested in seeing how this breed changes with age :)

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Not a real old senior. Chepstow will be 10 this summer. Hasn't slowed down at all, just gotten very gray in the face.

Teddy is a puppy mill rescue so we don't really know how old he is. He is missing 1/2 his teeth(pulled) and his face has turned much lighter in the past year or so. We believe he may be 12-13. He still acts like a pup but can barely hear!

Max (my avie) was 5 when we got him..that's his picture.  He will be 13 in June.  We got Katie at age 4 and she just turned 11.  Both look the same....they are both red/white pems.  Max is a bit hard of hearing especially if he is sound asleep he won't hear you.  Both still love to play fetch and herd the cats.  Max does not like the stairs, never had much confidence on them to begin with.  I just ordered carpeted stair treads to make it easier for him.

WOW Linda....Max looks great for that age:) I'm sure my Teddy looks old due to his puppy mill past and who knows how old he really is....but he's still a puppy at heart...now that he can enjoy life!

Jane....Max just hasn't aged in the looks department.  Katie on the other hand always looked old.  She has a white face with the red only starting at her ears going back.

Noodles will be 10 in June. Just within the past few weeks the red around his eyes are turning white. It's pretty cute!

My ten year old Charlie. Sorry for the possessed second photo I wanted to show the little specs of silver. It's hard to see in the other photo but he's started to get little flickers of silver in his face and ear tips. The only difference I've noticed is his functioning is he sleeps a lot more and will sleep in with us now haha. Meanwhile our 7 year old still pokes me with a wet nose when she gets bored enough in the morning! 

Hoping this will work....Zinfindel aka Zin is 15 3/4 years- he'll be 16 in two months!!  

This is Alfie. He is 13 yrs old. We rescued him after he fell into some hard times.... his left eye is damaged, all his teeth are broken, has many food and environmental allergies, and was diagnosed last year with Cushing's disease.... we work really hard for him to look this good!!   oh yeah, and he's a fluffy!!

Jill.....how  wonderful that Zin is still going strong and is handsome as well!  I pray that I have at least than many more years with Max and Katie.  Max will be 13 in June and he is also a fluffy.  Alfie looks terrific for having had such a hard life...see what love and a good home can do.  Bless you for taking such good care of him.

Almost 12 y.o. 6+ miles 4600' gain mostly on snow 3/7/15.

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