Markus is 6 years old now. Since 2 years ago, he has this fat granule skin problem, not sure how to call it. It is like a pimple without infection. Usually, it will not rupture. However, when too much fat gathers, it will just leaks. The inside is a semi-firm fatty thing, white or cream color. It generates pretty fast, in few days, on his back or legs. 

What worries me is how often it happen and how fast it grows. After I squeeze out the fat, It will regrow in the same spot in a few days.

Anyone know what it is and how to fix this?

Thanks ahead


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Have you taken him to the vet?  I have no idea what it is but I would have my vet look at it especially if it keeps reoccurring, sounds like some kind of infection.

We visit my vet a few times last year. He said it is kinda normal. However, back then Markus only had one big one. The vet removed it by a surgery last year but he did not do a nice job, he still has the same one, but smaller.


I'd sure talk to another vet, if I were unhappy with the work he did and the condition recurred.

You need to take the dog to a vet.

White or cream color sounds like pus, not fat.  I agree with the recommendation of another vet.  It's like a suppurating (leaking) cyst.  The pic shows it very small, so that's a good thing.


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