Tobias had his last round of shots today, and he didnt even cry! He weighed in at 8.8 pounds (.8 gained in 4 weeks). He's proportioned well according to my corgi owning vet, but we're convinced he's going to be a fairly small corgi! Everything else was normal. Does anyone else have small male corgis? I've noticed many female corgis being smaller than standard but not many males. I'm not really concerned about him being too small, as my vet assured me he was alright, I'm just curious about smaller corgis.

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My male is very large but my female is dainty.  It's the only way I can describe her.  Katie's weight is good..27 lbs..but she just has very small paws and just looks smaller than she is.

As long as he is healthy that's all that matters.  Corgis come in all sizes.

I don't mind if he's small, as long as he's healthy, which we left the vets office today with a clean bill of health (and an appointment to get him neutered!). I'm just curious to see if any one else had a small male puppy and how big he ended up as an adult. Toby is so weird, he's looking more adult like, but not getting bigger, and I was just telling him to stop growing because I'll miss his puppyhood soon.

He's still young yet and has a lot of growing to do so don't even try to guess at what his adult size is going to be.   Just enjoy!

Agree with Linda...Sage was very thin but the last 6 months before she turned 2 she matured and now is the perfect size. Just like people Corgis mature at different rates:)

How much does he eat and how old is he?

He's 4 months tomorrow, and eats about 2 cups of puppy food a day.

Linus might be on the small side. He's only 16 months old, so not full grown, but he's only 25lbs. He's very healthy (except for the recent bout of worms) and very active. The vet that neutered him said that he seemed very lean for a corgi. I think she may not be very familiar with the breed because he has the defined corgi waist and you can feel but not see his ribs. But I don't think he's going to be overly large.

He doesn't sound like he's on the small side to me. He should be about #28 fully grown at 2 years. Depending on his height and weight.

Wow I get the feeling Nemo is going to be a beast, from reading this post and the other 2013 Puppy weight discussions. Nemo was 14.2 pounds last week at his 15 week check-up. He has been putting on a little under a pound a week since I got him. He gets 1.5 cups of puppy chow a day and is super lean. When he's wet and his fur is all matted down it makes me consider upping his kibble amount. But he is growing, is active, alert and very healthy so I have stuck with 1.5 cups. His paws are monstrous (everyone comments on them).  

Sarah....Max is 35 lbs and has paws the size of a polar bear.  He use to run 37-38 lbs but I switched to Blue Weight Control 2 years ago.  Getting him off of a food with grain has made a difference in his weight and what he gains over the cold winter months when his mommy does give him as much exercise as she should...she hates the cold. *rolling eyes here*  He looks bigger than his 35 lbs tho because he is a fluffy. 

I have a 3 month old small male, he is 7lbs but he is as tall as a 2 month old on avg. So my ace is too short. the vet said he will grow alot during the 4 to 6 month age range. but its nothing to worry about. Ace just keeps getting longer and fatter he is not getting any taller yet. LOL. 

They're just like kids...some stretch out and then put the weight on,  some bulk up first and then grow to stretch out those extra pounds.  Whether he is big, small or average he is yours and you just plain love all that corginess.


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