Peggy (5.5 months) was spayed earlier today and I just picked her up from the vet--she's completely lethargic and worn out. Poor thing; she looks so sad :(

She hasn't eaten anything all day but she wouldn't touch her kibble, so I decided to give her some wet food just to get something in her tummy.

Does anyone have any general pointers/tips/advice on what I should/shouldn't be doing over the next few days as she's recovering?

I'm also wondering if it's ok to take her outside for walks so she can go potty? or should I try to keep her confined inside?


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When Maddie was spayed, I think we were told nothing but potty breaks (no walks) for the first few days. Yes, taking her out to potty is fine but she probably won't want to do stairs, nor should she for awhile. After the first couple days, your biggest problem will be keeping her quiet! You can give her gradually longer leash walks. With Maddie, after a few days I started taking her to the corner and back, then a block up and back the next day, and so on, til after about a week we were back to normal walks. But no running or jumping til the stitches come out, which for most dogs means keeping them crated or penned a lot.

She will likely be fine, just check the incision twice a day or so to watch for swelling or redness or heat, or any other signs of infection. Most of them don't have problems, though. I don't know about your vet, but ours gives morphine for a spay, so that is a lot of your lethargy and loss of appetite. Once the meds wear off she'll brighten up a bit.
Short times outside to potty are fine. I would not walk for a few days. She'll perk up in a day or two and then you'll have to keep her from doing too much. Some eat the 1st day...some don't! It's so hard when they look so pathetic! Poor baby...hope you're back to your old self soon Peggy!
I have always been told not to give them food till that night, and only a little bit, The drugs they give for pain/anesthesia will cause the drowsiness and loss of appetite. No activity besides potty breaks for at least 3 days and then as long as she isn't jumping and running up stairs etc... Short walks etc. Until the stitches come out. Unless they are dissolving stitches... Then usually after 3 days short walks only for until about the 10-14 day mark... Make sure she does try to drink some water in the evening, I know this is late for that part, but make sure she drinks something.
Thanks to everyone for your advice! Peggy is recovering very smoothly.


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