Spinal cord injury; Paralysis of both hind legs.

The saddest thing happened to my precious Bonni this past weekend. I woke up Fri morning to find she has no use of her 2 hind legs. Then rushing to the vet to find out she had a spinal cord injury requiring emergency surgery to prevent irreversible damage. The diagnosis is Intervertebral Disc Disease. Genetic they say. She was rushed in for emergency surgery and the findings were severe. Her spinal cord were pretty bruised up in multiple areas. She is post-op day day 3 now and is doing good. However, still no motor function of her legs and she still cannot urinate on her own- requiring a urine collection bag. =(
The next step is to send her to a physical therapist.
All this happened in South Florida (Miami) so Bonni is still down there and I am in Melbourne now. I feel so helpless. I am worried sick and is hoping she will pull through this.
Does anyone out there have experience in this?? I could use some advice from Corgi owners?
Will she walk again? Will she have back pain for life?
Thanks so much in advance.

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Sorry, no helpful advice, but know that the thoughts of many are with you. It is so difficult when a friend is seriously ill, especially when it is sudden, unexpected.
I wish I had some advice to give as well. My thoughts are with you, and especially Bonni. It's hard to see your baby sick. I'll be sending you positive thoughts and hugs.
I am so sorry.

IVDD is common in any dwarfed breed; it's not "genetic" the way people usually mean, as in "inherited." It's because dwarfed dogs have cartilage that ages quickly and cracks easily, and that includes the disc material between the vertebrae.

The great news is that you got her in to surgery quickly. That raises her chances of recovery dramatically. She will need a long time to recover and the spinal cord will slowly become less swollen and more able to pass signals along again. Some dogs do not recover post-IVDD surgery but a great number do, so I would not despair yet.

If she had the surgery, she should not be in pain right now (except the "normal" post-surgical pain). The pain from IVDD is from the disc material pressing against the nerves. If there is still disc material in there, or if the nerves are swollen and still painful, her level of pain will decrease as the nerves either recover or (if there is still disc material in there pressing against some) die. Even without surgery an IVDD dog will eventually be completely pain-free, though also partially or completely paralyzed.

It sounds like she's with a good vet and getting good care. Please keep us updated.
I'm so sorry this happened...sending healing thoughts your way!!!!
We are sending strong, healing prayers your way. I have heard of aquatic canine therapy. Please keep us posted as to Bonni's recovery. Thinking of you - Nancy, Bear, Tasha and Linus
Corgi hugs and prayers for a strong recovery!
My female had surgery roughly 5 years ago. She did not have perm damage. Good news for you though, when this happened to my female one of the first phone calls I made was to our breeder. According to them, and they are very involved in showing, breeding and judging, they have known of dogs that even exhibiting paralized extremeties making a recovery once the swelling, bruising, etc began to abate....so do not completely give up hope. Time will tell alot about recovery. Like Joanne said she is likely in less pain now that prior to the surgery. My female was so uncomfortable prior to the surgery it just killed me to watch her. You guys just hang in there contiue with the vet care and let some of the swelling and brusing abate and then see where you are.....I have a feeling that you will be in a slighly different position in just a few days. Sending out corgi hugs and kisses!!! PS my female had surgery at University of Georgia and was away from my husband and me for about 3 weeks.....It was an eternity. I drove the people crazy calling to check on "da girl".
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Bonni
Timmy and I are very sorry to hear of Bonni's injury and subsequent surgery. If there is an upside, you did get her in early on so there is a greater chance of recovery albeit slow. Even if the recovery isn't dramatic, there are many ways to help her. There is a Yahoo groups for wheeled corgis that has many excellent and experienced people as members, some may even be members of MyCorgi. There is also a Yahoo group for orthopedically injured dogs. I would recommend both as a resource.

Again, we're so sorry and send wonderful corgi kisses for Bonni and her family.
I'm so sorry, sending Corgi hugs and kisses your way...
I'm sorry!! Hopefully she'll make a full recovery--nerves are usually permanently damaged the longer they are disrupted. Hopefully since it was quick surgery, they will regenerate completely or almost completely. I will say lots of prayers for you guys! The vets now are so much better at controlling pain than in the "old days"--so I'm pretty sure she really is in minimal pain.....
Hope all goes well for you and your Bonni. It's always heart breaking to be surprised by things like this. Lots of corgi hugs and well wishes your way!


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