Strange/Rude Things You Hear While Walking the Corgi(s)?

While out walking the dogs with my boyfriend's sister, the guy on the corner was out on his front lawn, and was clearly drunk. "Out walkin' the puppies, huh?" He slurred at us. We smiled and replied, "Yup." He was like "That sucks." 

... what the... O=

Wasn't expecting that response at all LOL. I just replied with "That's alright, we like to go walking." and walked on as briskly as possible. It may have taken me a few extra seconds to respond, because I was so shocked someone would say that to some people who are clearly out enjoying their walk. Sigh... oh, those drunks... =u.u;=

Anyone else heard any offensive, crazy, or unexpected things while out walking with your dog(s)?

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While walking Renfield around my neighborhood, I had a guy in a car slow down and start pacing along with us in the street for a little bit before yelling, "excuse me, is that a Corgi?" I said yes. "Does he have a loud bark?" I thought that was odd, but told him, yes, yes he does. Then the dude says, "you know they're a herding breed, right?" I nod yes. "You know the royal family has Corgi's, right?" I nod yes and tell him to have a nice day and start walking away because the guy is starting to creep me out a little. A couple of weeks later, the same guy stops us again and launches into the exact same line of questioning. I don't mind talking to people about my dog, but the whole thing seemed a little strange.

This happened last week on our sunday morning walk with friends, we were waiting for my other friend to get his car, then this strange man came close to us.. Starting to say how our dogs were no good, that he knew people who breed superior dogs (he meant german-shepherd, rottweiler), that those dogs could guard, help the police, that our dogs could only eat and sleep. He pretended to know lots about dog, but he failed to recognized that mine is a corgi. We ignored him while he babbled, and at some point he mentioned that he made masks for people and dogs (what a bad way to promote your work). I was soo relieved when my friend finally came in his car so we could all left this freakish man!!

That is messed up. Worst I've ever had was a bunch of teenagers pet and visit with Camden at the dog park. No problem, until one boy looked at him and said Camden looked like a sausage. I admit that if you are looking at him from above, he is pretty rectangular in shape, however if you saw him from the side, he has a nice broad chest with a waist. I did say to him that Camden is actually a healthy weight (29 lbs), and that corgis whose diets are not regulated like Camden's can get quite large.

Masks??  So they can be Canine Crusaders, or so they can hide their shame for being useless?

The most I get with Max is that people call him a sheltie...he's a fluffy and one of the big corgis at 35 lb.  Not fat...big boned plus the fur makes him look even bigger.

I use to get nasty comments when I walked my Irish Wolfhounds...dangerous dogs like that shouldn't be walked on the streets, he should be muzzled....that kind of stuff.  Dang dogs were the biggest pussy cats in the world.  Hey if you're scared to death by a dog that is bigger than you when he stands on his hind feet...that's your problem.  Kids adored him.

Hey you're out walking while intoxicated in public??   That sucks....


I don't waste my time with those ones.   They don't have good judgement from the beginning so unless they have a genuine interest to say hi to Wally we move on.   I've been cornered a few times downtown with a drunk I couldn't even understand his slurred speech.   Wally didn't mind the pat on the head though...   :)


For me it's those comments I hear from pedestrians or in park that I can hear:  "Oh look, that must be a mix with eh... A-B-C- and D.    I even heard someone saying that they knew the dog which was a mix between a Baset Hound and Border Collie....    LOL.     Now if I hear such non-sense I interupt them in order to educate them on the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed.

But most have an opinion.

My wife was pissed off one time when someone approached us and asked:   "Oh cute!  What kind of dog is he"??

Reply:  "He's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi"


"Oh cool, what's that"?


What do you mean what's that?!?!   It's a dog... can't you tell.      :)


Oh and yes I was offered too by one guy for 600$ for Wally.   Idiot... Anyone with a comon sense would never sell their dog, needless to say to someone that approach random strangers wanting to buy their pets on the street.

Hey you're out walking while intoxicated in public??   That sucks....

That's awesome. I need that line for my own personal, neighbor-from-Hell, except I would have to add, Out walking in your underwear while intoxicated and UGLY."

I was told that my tri color corgi was a mini St. Bernard once. I thought it was funny.

I never get negative remarks, normally it's like "oh how cute,what is it???" lol like if corgis are some rare breed of animal. Some people already know of the breed, especially in my neighborhood. When we go for walks I hear "cute corgi!" Which is nice. I do get the occasional " it looks like a fat chihuahua mixed with a German Shepard" Me: " IT is a SHE and her name is Maple and she is a corgi, the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet!" ;)


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