Sidney was just following me down the hall when he started crying...really bad...and would not put any weight on his hind left leg. His eyes were really dilated and he was shaking uncontrollably, and panting. I held him as he started calming down. I placed him on my bed to try to see if something was in his paw or something, but I can't see anything wrong.

He got up and limped outside, then came back in and came down the hall. I think he tried going too fast, since he found a corner and curled up there. He's still shaking a little though looking more normal. It's as if he's really scared.

I've called the vet and I'm waiting for a call back. I thought I could go to the 24 hour hospital, but then again he seems to be slightly better, and I can take him to his regular vet tomorrow.

Do any of you have any suspicions as to what happened? Should I give him something for pain?

Hmm, now my hubby tells me he walked upstairs.

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So sorry...I do know that my Wynn is a big wimp when it comes to any injury and he will shake uncontrollably. Could he have just overdone the running or something and be sore??? I know dogs can have the coated aspirin but I don't know the I would wait and ask your vet. Good luck and hope you're feeling better Sidney!!!
The vet does not seem to be too concerned. He said Sidney could not have done much damage just running and it could just be a minor sprain. We had some Rimadyl left, so the vet said to give him one tonight and he should be better in the morning. If he's still lame in the morning, I'll take him to the vet.

I just can't help but worry and think the worst...but I guess we all tend to do that, huh?
Maybe all the walking over the weekend caught up to Sidney? I would rest him and limit his activity and see if he gets better. I would give it a few days at least.
Poor Sidney... :( I had the same thoughts as Natalie. Maybe Sidney ingested something he wasn't supposed to? or he got spooked? or got bitten by an insect? I hope, I hope he's feeling better tomorrow!
I don't think it was something he ate or got scared by, since he definitely won't put much weight on his back leg. Yet when the cat ran by, he chased her and got up on his hind legs to try to get at her when she was on the ledge. So he can move and use the leg, I guess it just hurts when he does it. I'm guessing maybe it is a muscle sprain. It spooked me so bad, he was yipping in such pain when it happened.
I was thinking more like Sidney over did it, which is causing the limp.
I googled Sidney's symptoms and those were the possible causes. Like for example, a site that I read said that ingesting poison could make a dog shake, cause dilated eyes, and limping. I don't know why the limping was included, but who knows? And getting spooked causes stress and can cause all 3 of the symptoms (supposedly).

Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear of the diagnosis. :( I can't imagine how scary and heart-breaking it was last night when he displayed the symptoms. Sidney is such a good boy. I'll be thinking of you guys.
Oh my Geri. I'm so sorry to hear of Sid having problems. I hope he is ok. Hugs and good vibes are coming your way.
Hopefully it is just a pulled muscle or sprain. They can land wrong just like we can but they are hardwired to ignore the pain if there is something more exciting going on. Sort of like an athlete does. All you can do is try to keep him from injuring himself more. Let us know what the vet says!
It could be a torn ACL. If he isn't better today, I'd take him to the vet. They can't tell an ACL tear from an X-ray but can see fluid in the joint which can be a hint of an ACL tear. The need to sedate him and do a drawer test to see if the knee joint is loose. They can't tell without sedating him because he can hold his muscles tight enough to prevent the vet from finding the loose joint. He can tear the ACL by running, slipping on floors, twisting, playing, lots of ways. The vet telling you he couldn't have done much damage just by running is not correct. They can do lots of damage by just running.

Hope he is A-ok today but if he's not, I think a vet visit is in order.
Hope Sid is much better this morning!! From what you describe I can't imagine it would be as severe as an acl tear. I'm inclined to agree with Natalie. I can't quite remember but, didn't you guys have some kind of something that went on this past weekend??
We went to a corgi meet-up and then walked through the park. He didn't play particularly hard, and we're used to lots and lots of walking, so I doubt it was from Saturday's adventures. He could have caught a nail in the carpet and twisted his leg or something. We have an appointment very soon, so I'll hopefully have news and will pass it along.


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