Hello All,

Indy will be by himself more during the day as I have recently had a job promotion. I know I am not the only one who works a 9-6 type of job with a corgi. How do you keep your corgi entertained while you are gone?

Luckily, I work close by, so I am able to come let him out during the day, but he is still alone for the majority of it. I leave him in the gated kitchen with ropes, a teething ring, and a Durabone, but I know he gets bored. I walk him when I can and take him to the dog park twice a week, but it's not enough.

Indy is 9 months old and still a chewer. He doesn't mess with the cabinets, but I know he will try to destroy what he can if it's left in the kitchen and I don't want him to choke on anything. I know corgis need 'tasks.' Any suggestions for 'tasks/jobs' he can do while I'm not home? 

Thank you for your suggestions! 

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Toys with little treats hidden in them that he has to spend time getting out, large deer antlers? That's what keep mine the busiest. Kong has a toy that you can put food in and they have to knock it over to get them out. I also have a couple bones that are very hard to get treats out of and keeps them the busiest. I agree they have to be tough enough not to chew up!

I've seen the kong toys. I tried the ball where you can put treats in it, but Indy doesn't seem to like the texture. He has had two and never really wanted anything to do with them. I've never tried the deer antlers. Thanks! 

I second the antler suggestions.  That has been a life saver for us.

Thanks! Where do you get those? They won't splinter like bones?

I got mine at Petsmart but I'm sure they have them at all the pet chains and they also have them online at numerous places.  They aren't cheap, but the last a long time.  No they dont splinter they actually become a little soft after they chew on them.  Someone told me which I didn't know, that only cooked bones splinter.  If they are in the raw form they don't. 

That's good to know. Thanks! 

Have you set up a camera/webcam to monitor your pup during the day? You might be surprised how little they need to stay entertained. I would use bitter apple spray (if it is a deterrent for him) on anything that shouldn't be chewed on.

Kaylee gets a 30 min walk and/or a 15 min game of fetch in the morning, plus some training before I leave. Her exercise varies based on whether she went to daycare the day before or not. It usually takes about 24 hrs at home for her to recover all her energy from a day at daycare. Even a short run and some time outside can make a BIG difference in her energy levels.

I usually give her a frozen peanut butter Kong and a pumpkin cube (frozen canned pumpkin from an ice cube mold) before I leave. When I've monitored her during the day, I usually find she has had both of her treats and is sleeping. She is 1 yr 3 months old and we've had this routine since September.

I worry about ropes as she's swallowed (and fortunately passed) strings from her rope. I used to give her a Nylabone, but I found some of them have hollow ends which she can really chew on and break off. I prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to unsupervised toys.

The frozen treats sound great. Indy loves ice cubes and raw pumpkin, so I'm sure he will like the combo. I have noticed that he is worn out for the next day after he has played with his best buddy at the dog park. I do get to play with him for a bit before I go to work. I have heard that about some of those bones, so I got Indy the solid one that is made for large, powerful chewers. I will definitely try the frozen treats. Thanks for your advice! 

I usually work 7-4. Becca is a fan of Kong geniuses. They are different than the regular Kong and harder to get the treats out of. I also have several other treat dispensing toys. I can mix it up and leave different options. If I have a meeting after school and will be later than 4, I have a neighbor who comes in and walks Becca for me.

Is a dogwalker or daycare an option? It wouldn't have to be every day.

If you have a good doggie day care nearby, consider giving your pup a day care visit once or twice a week, for socialization with other dogs and for a good and tiring workout.  I just found the perfect place minutes from home, and Bogart spent two days there this week.  Very reasonable, at $25 per day, and it is awesome.  He was totally pooped out from playing all day when I picked him up.  The other three days my "regular" pet sitter came at lunch time and took him for a walk. That is $17 per visit.  Maybe with the promotion this could be budgeted for? I also second the antlers, I only give them to him when he is alone (he stays in the laundry room).  I call them his "alone bones."   

Is it possible to go on a good long walk in the morning? Try to take your longest walk of the day before you go to work and make sure its a good structured training walk, not a sniff around. It'll tire Indy out mentally and physically and put him in a nice follower listener mode to leave him in when you go for the day. Then at mid day when you come back you can give that kong treat to keep him active after his morning nap.

Kong works for us.  Our breeder recommended getting the black kong instead of the red.  She said the black ones are stronger and can take the Corgi chewing. She once had a Corgi that chewed the top off of the red one.  Thank goodness she was there or her Corgi would have swallowed it.  Also, I put Turkey Jerky in our kong.  Emma loves it! 


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