Does anyone have a puppy with tear stains? The vet said the puppy runny eyes were not unusual  and that was before the staining started. Her eyes do not have anything other then some clear wetness but the past week she has been getting dark lines that do not wash completely off. I never see pics of other corgis with these. She goes back for her second puppy visit sat. She is 10 weeks old now.

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Lucy has tear stains. When she was neutered the vet checked and said she was born without tear ducts. If you are planning to neuter your pup, the vet can check to see if her tear ducts are blocked and correct it. Your puppy is absolutely precious!
Olive has teary eyes also. When she went in for her CERF eye exam (something the breeder did with the litter) the eye vet said that her draining tear ducts might be smaller than the other puppies. She might grow out if it or not. My regular vet said that she'll irrigate the ducts when we have olive spayed to see if that helps. Olives tears don't really stain her fur though. I wash her face with a washcloth and that seems to take care of it. When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap these are no tears for at least a half an hour. I have learned that this is fairly common in corgis and it happens to be a strong trait in Olives grandfather who was Tallyrands No Greater Love (Gabe).
Gem had teary eyes when she was a pup, but it resolved itself by the time she was 4mos or so.
My male has teary eyes. Started when he was about a year or so old, I think. I wipe his face every day or two with a damp cloth and that helps. My girl's eyes are usually ok.
Gwynnie had a lot of that. Clogged tear ducts. Hot compresses: put a wet cloth in the microwave, test it carefully on your own face first, hold it on their eyes/snout until they shake it off. Eventually it went away.
We just clean Lucy's with a damp cloth. It's not a problem.
Callie has near constant tear stains! I asked our vets about it but nobody seems too bothered about it but me. I've tried the wash cloth bit too. Now nightly flush her eyes as we're going to bed with a basic eye flush...I'm wondering about her tear ducts after reading all your posts. I always figured it was allergy related...
Yeah, even if its not caused by something too concerning who wants our beautiful girls to have those unsightly lines. I will try cleaning with eye flush as well. The vet will do a tear test sat. Even if it is something she will grow out of as she ages I still don't like the stains
If it's tear ducts and they're just clogged, not missing, the hot compresses definitely help. But, you can also massage just under the inner corner of the eyes where the tear stains appear for 30 seconds or so. Some babies, and I'm guessing puppies, have little tiny fine pieces of tissue in the ducts that prevent them from draining properly, and massage can help break those up. We tell parents to do it every time they change a diaper (just a simple way to remember) so I would think trying it 4 to 5 times a day would work on a puppy. If it doesn't get better as they get older, it's probably more likely a small or absent tear duct.
My vet planned on opening them when he neutered Lucy, but he clearly stated that she was born w/o tear ducts.
When I saw your earlier post about this I thought "wow that would be my luck too, to have a pup without tear ducts " did her siblings have this as well? How common is this?
I never asked about her siblings and I have no idea how common it is. I suspect it's not very common as none of my other corgis had this and I never heard about tear ducts not developing until Lucy. We just loved Lucy so much that it never was an issue for us. We just keep them clean and it isn't a problem.


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