I am in the middle of reading this book by Patricia B McConnel. Ph.D.she has some really good insight into our relationships with our dogs, just wondering if anyone else has read her books? I tried some of her ideas and found that they do work.anybody else read her books?

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I bought it but haven't read it yet.  I'm looking forward to it!

read it soon,the info in there will amaze you,I tried some of the advice for one walk and was quite amazed. It's about us not the dog,

Yes she is one of my favorites! I used to watch her show on Animal Planet until AP went Hollywood. This one is a great book and I highly recommend it. The best part was when she figured out to say "No" to her dog when it was doing something she didn't want and then give the command for what she wanted. It worked great with my Sparty.

It's sort of a classic.  Her contrast of primate vs. canine behavior is interesting.

I haven't read the book but I do follow her blog. I'm always tempted to go to one of her seminars since she only lives like 1.25 hours away from me, but I haven't yet. Our old trainer used to work with her too which was kind of neat.

Patricia runs the training school that I have always used, "Dog's Best Friend," in Madison. She also has been a strong force in helping our humane society. Her ideas and philosophies are superb. Her latest, "Love Has No Age Limit" is the one we are currently suggesting for our adopters, some of whom have never had a rescue dog before.

She used to have a radio show on NPR that was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from that, before I had all that much dog experience. I love the way she can observe and analyze the behavior of people with animals to figure out the dynamic. ("The Other End of the Leash"). She's also well-educated in her field, an academic, which I'm sure is what John Wolf likes about her :)

Jane, you should go ahead and see her if you're interested. Sometimes her seminars raise money for the humane society. (Always a plus, IMHO.) I've never been to one, but based on her radio show, I'll bet they're entertaining.

Did I make myself clear? I'm kind of a fan.

She's one of my favorites.


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