So now my darling baby Harley is now 7 months old. Over the past few months I have observed some of the weirdest, wackiest, and just plan disgusting habits of my little Pemmie girl.


Lets start with the weird:

She follows me absolutely everywhere. She never leaves me side and this even means when I go to take a shower. She jumps up on the edge of the tub and likes to stick her head in the shower to see what I am doing. When I step out she starts to lick the water off of my legs! She also enjoys to lick lotion off my arms after I have rubbed it in. Just plain odd!



She hides things and hoards. Every time I give her a bone/treat/some toys, she will take them and hide them. Her favorite place to hide bones is in my bed! I've woken up to a bone poking me in the butt. Not the nicest thing to wake up too -,- She also likes to hide things in her crate, in her cat brother's cat bed, and under the futon. Last week I got down and crawled under the futon and found a MOTHERLOAD of toys!


Now for just the plan disgusting:

She eats kitty litter, kitty poop, and deer poop! Yes, I tell her no; Yes, I clean out the poop on a daily basis... but that does not stop her from lapping up a few pieces of the litter. It just makes me facepalm! and then just to put the icing on the cake... she will sometimes lick the toilet. ugghhh GROSS!!!


Do any of you observe any weird, wacky, and disgusting habits of your corgis?


-- Caitlin & Harley

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Ya, so, this is all well and fine..&)... Now here's The Question:

You have a dog that does these things.  Now when he/she meets somebody who then kneels down to greet them and your dog starts to lick their face.... Do you tell them about their habits or just let it go and look at the trees or search for UFOs?

K, so I look in the trees for UFO's, with a grin on my face......Nahhh, JK!!!!!  I swear I would not do that, but that is kinda funny.

yesss, corgis love poopy-treats! I am fortunate to live where mine has access to horse, moose, & elk varieties. Bear poo is strictly for rolling in. He sometimes tries to carry his finds home. One time he was greedy & tried to carry more than one moose apple. They kept falling out of his mouth & rolling away.

He is a total shower stalker also. If he's kinda tired, he's lying on the rug when I get out. If he's peppier, he wants in afterwards & insists I run the tap a bit so he can get a drink. This sure made his first bath a cinch!!

As to the eating of disgusting things, you haven't "lived" until you've experienced dogs feasting after the farrier's been to visit! There is nothing stankier than dog-has-just-chewed-up-a-horse-hoof-trimming breath.

We had a corgi that would hunt grasshoppers in the road. That was funny to watch. We've also had a limper.

Bugsy has always been a hoarder also (new reality tv show? Corgi Hoarders) I'll pull everything out from under the whatever & it's like he has all new toys again! I can't wait to see what's in the yard when all the snow melts! (sadly, his icicles won't be there)

He is a total tosser! Ice cubes & pine cones are his favourites.

Oh, and another fav treat: the worms that come out after a rain that dry up on the sidewalk. mmmm, crunchy...

If Bugsy is relaxed & comfy & you budge him, he makes this funny "I'm annoyed with you" growl. He also burps & periodically gets the hiccups - usually in the morning.

Corgis are so dang cute...


@Peggy - LOL, my 2 corgis love to roll over dead worms. Glad to know that they're in good company!!!

Sounds just like my little boy!! We don't have a cat but cleaning the floor is what he loves to do...

Ginger is about the craziest dog I've ever seen/owned.  She has some pretty strange habits.

1.  She'll roll over on her back and bark at you like she wants tummy rubs, but then when you touch her she barks, squirms, and tries to bite your hand.

2.  She must have a treat after dinner, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  She immediately runs to the refidgerator (we keep treats in a basket on top) and barks until we give in. 

3.  She LOVES dill pickles.  If I get them out of the jar she goes into crazy corgi mode and won't stop until I give her one.  We've decided to start using them as training treats (in small doses of course) because it's truely the only thing she will do ANYTHING for.

4.  When it's time for bed, she runs to the kitchen, barks at the treat basket, then goes and hides under the dining room table until I come out of the kitchen with a Kong cookie for her.  Once she sees I have the treat she'll run to her kennel.

5.  When we give her rawhides or other chewy treats she has to throw them around, slide them on the floor, and chase and pounce on them before she'll start chewing.  I think she thinks she has to kill it first.

I'm laughing right have just described our corgi's...


--first of all, you are being guarded by your herding dog....if you are ok with that, fine...if not, come up with a command that you will use to tell her to leave you alone. We say 'rug' and the dog returns to a rug in the kitchen.


--Usually grabbing a curious pup & giving them a bath every time they stick their head in the shower breaks them fairly quick.

--Be very definite when you say 'no'....if you don't like being licked (and I don't) a thump on the nose & a solid 'NO' stops the behavior. Corgi's hate to be corrected, they love to please you...she'll stop.


--I am baby sitting my sons Pembroke, Winston. When he came over the other night he promptly searched the house, carried a cat food bowl to the bean bag chair, scrounged around & found a pudding cup behind the trash can & delivered it to the bean bag, then begged politely to clean out the cat food can I'd just guessed it---it was immediately transported to the bean bag. Then...he slept on the bean bag all evening guarding his stash. We began to call cat food cans 'puppy money' because his original stash (found because of an infestation of ants) was under my bed!!


--The litter box has only been an issue with 2 of our pembrokes...and we now have a covered box with a flap door. Ugh..gross..disgusting....but it's a dog thing.



Ok...Weird...Winston rolls upside down on bare floors for no apparent reason...add an olive or pickle or grape---he'll roll on it for an hour then he'll eat the squished mangled edible.

Winstons favorite toy...stolen from the side of the road...a traffic cone. He loves it. Seriously--humps it on occasion! He even demo'd his love for the cone (his command is 'Cone!') for the Chief of Police here...and is locally identified as the cone theif :-) He's owned as many as 4 at one time...public works knows where the stash is & will pick them up on occasion.

Snoopy eats birdseed...We have cockatiels & he scavenges birdseed. He's also a cat poop afficianado...deer poo is for rolling in.



Jenny is a new puppy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix (mystery what she's mixed with), but definitely Corgi by nature. She "shadows" us and likes to take her toys to her bed, which apparently are normal. No encounters with poop yet to report on. But what about the licking??? I expect the puppy gnawing with her baby teeth, but she licks us whenever she's on our laps, non-stop! And loves to lick bare feet. Ugh. We tell her "No lick!" about 100 times a day, and she eventually stops, until the next time. Is this normal puppy behavior that she'll grow out of, or should we be doing some training to stop her? Otherwise, she is fun, playful, smart, and learning to "go" outside pretty well.


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