We are going to visit my friends this weekend. Tucker is coming along to play with their jack russell. They have big yard with woods behind their house but no fence. (They have an invisible fence for their dog) I want to let Tucker run about and play while we are out there watching but I don't really feel comfortable letting him go without a leash for fear he'd run into the road in front of her house or off into the semmingly endless woods behind. Any suggestions for a tie out that works well or other ideas?

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Has he ever been tied out before? Mine have had a few occasions when we are camping and while Sparty tolerates it pretty well Izzy does everything in her power to tangle the cable. An overhead tie works best but it will be hard for Tucker to be tied when the other dog is free. Mine have a really good recall and want to be with us so we just keep a close eye on them when we are at an unfenced yard. Our Doberman can not be trusted if she sees a squirrel or anything else so I never let her loose.
He's never been one one before - we are always in fenced yards, the fenced dog park...or on a 6 ft leash. He listens pretty well and if I so much as whisper treat he comes running from any corner of the house or yard but I still worry about squirrel sightings and the like!
I don't have a suggestion for the brand and since you'll be out with him I think a tie out will work but be aware of the type of ground that you put it in as they can be pulled out of sandy type soil...
I will occassionally use a tie out when we take a Corgi or two to one of my daughter's college softball games We sit just beyond the outfiled fence where I can watch and the dogs can have a little room. The tie out means the dogs have a little more freedom than on the end of a leash and I can actualy pay attention to the game. I have a vinyl covered cable, with a swivel connector that hooks to the anchor, this lets them run in circles and not wrap the cable. I would agree that an overhead connector is better, but not always possible when on the go. I would practice with him. I have not left mine unattended on the tie out, but they do seem to understand their limitations. I would never trust my Corgis off leash in the presence of a squirrel or rabbit in an unfamiliar area. No matter how well trained I may lead myself to believe my dogs are, they forget everything when they chase a bunny. I do use a separate achor for each dog.

Sucha a lucky dog to get to go along. Have fun and good luck.--Kristen


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