Well, off to the vet Tucker went this morning.  I put Tucker in the car for my husband, and when I closed the door and he started driving off, Tucker was staring at me like, what, why aren't you going, your usually the one who goes with me when I go places.  I would have gone too, and would have loved to but he had to be there before the kids had to be on the school bus, and yes, I ended up having to drive one of my daughters to school cause she missed the bus, how did I know that would happen, lol. 

I called my husband to see how the drive over to the vet went and it went smooth, why wouldn't it.  Tucker loves car rides and just totally relaxes in the car.  My husband said that as he was leaving the vets office, Tucker looked back, like wait, your leaving?!?!?  Hopefully going to the vet after this he will be as calm as he is always was.

The vet told us to call after 2 to see when we can pick him up from his teeth cleaning. Heres hoping that all goes well and it is very uneventful. 

Looking forward to getting lots of corgi kisses when he gets back and not having to smell that awful breathe!!  Ohh, and I just remembered I was suppose to take a before picture last night so then I could take the after picture of his clean teeth, oops.  Oh well, I wont forget what they used to look like!!

As I sit here and think some more, they better not forget to clip his toe nails, they need it so bad, and what a perfect time to get it done!!!  I wonder if I should call and remind them??


Picked Tucker up at 4:30 and he came prancing out to me, looking a bit sleepy, but to be expected.  I got down to his level to say hello to him, and he greeted me with lots of kisses.  :)  As I saying hello to him, the slip lead he was wearing all of a sudden became very loose and I quickly fixed that.  I asked about his leash we brought him with, and when they asked the vet about it they said they didn't have it, sooo, my husband ended up bringing it with him when he left!  So, we left with the vets slip lead, that I will return tommorrow. 

I brought the crate with, so I could put Tucker in there on the way home, although he is very good in the car and usually just falls asleep or lays down and relaxes.  When we got to the car in the parking lot at the vets, Tucker was very excited to hop up and bashed in nose into the crate and his body went side ways in front of the crate so he balanced himself so he didnt fall after that.  He then proceded to go in between the crate and the front seat and I had to carefully pull him out of there to put him in his crate.  Tucker is pretty agile little guy.  :)  He is a quick one, before you can say dont do...hes already up. 

Tucker is doing very well he has held down the water we gave him and was very excited to eat his meal, which he is only suppose to get half of his normal meal, so by tommorrow he will be starving I'm sure.  He ate his dinner with much enthusiasm tonight.  :) 

His teeth look awesome, nice and clean!!! :)  Now we need to get him accustomed to having his teeth cleaned with doggie toothpaste and toothbursh as well has having his nails trimmed regularly, the two things he freaks out about.  I guess his previous owner never got him accustomed to nail clipping and teeth cleaning. 

Lance was excited to see his brother back home, we put Tucker in the gated kitchen to relax and Lance was up at the gate sniffing Tucker.  Lance is ready to play too, he's going to have to wait a little bit. 


I returned the vets leash this morning and I was talking to the vet techs, about how I love Tuckers fresh breath, they both were like, yeah, his breath STUNK....LOL.....and it DID....its so nice for the bad doggie breath to be gone.  They did say his teeth were healthy though, yay!!!

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I love the above picture. I'm so proud of you for making Tucker's appointment...I still haven't done Noodles yet.

I can't take full credit for making the appointment, my husband was the one who convinced me to call.  :) 

Good luck Tucker!  I hope he is home soon and in his mommys arms!

What a sweet picture!! Hope the appointment went well and you get lots of kisses :)

I love your sweet boys!

awwww, thanks Joanna, you must have ESP....I was just wondering how you were doing the other day. 

We are all glad all went good and no one was hurt. Now everyone has fresh breath. You two are the best corgi parents. That is a good picture of all you

That is great, hope Tucker is his old self soon! Only with great teeth and shorter nails. Sparty hates having his nails done too and I did start him young...at least now he has one less nail!

That  is not funny. Hope your Tucker is  back to his old self

Glad to hear everything went well for Tucker. Looks like your daughter is taking very good care of him. and Lance is so cute.

the pic is actually from a few weeks ago....but I thought I would put it up with the post.  Hes quite comfy...lol.  I took  a few other pics like that and Lance acutally has his head resting on my duaghters leg in the other pic. with Tucker laying the way he is.  He can get comfy just about any which way!


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