Well its been a few months that Mickey has been limping. We have tried 6 weeks of rest on and off with moderate successes. Finally we accepted that this will not get better on its own. We brought Mickey to an dog park in Ottawa ( a two hour drive) for his 2nd birthday today. It is a huge amazing off leash park with tons of walking trails. We were all in heaven. He did great, no limping, lots of running and we thought, wow... maybe he is ok. Then after the ride home he got out of the car on three legs, he has been unable to put weight on it for 5 hours now. We have been told (2nd opinion) that it is most likely a torn cruciate ligament. We will have an appointment this week for proper diagnoses. I was hoping that those of you who have gone through this (I did a search and read some of your posts) could send me some info or links to your blogs if you did any. We just want to know what we will be in for in the long run and short term of course. This little guy is the sweetest little man in the world, he never does anything wrong...ever... we just want the best for him! 
We have been researching prices as well and were curious what you all paid for yours? I am a student and work full time so it will be tough... but anything for my little guy!


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Good luck Mickey and Justine! we are hoping it's not real serious! Our thoughts are with you and please keep us updated! I do have to say that 2 times Wynn has done something like this(he's 5) and they gave him prednisone and he was fine...we can hope !
So sorry to hear about Mickey's limping. We wish you both the best - please keep us posted on his progress. Guinness & Rosie send puppy kisses to you both!
Oh, I know how worrisome this is, since Sidney just had his own health crisis. PLease let us know what the vet says. We are wishing the best for you today!
Sparty partially tore his CL several years ago. We decided since the vet did not think it was torn all the way through and Sparty would make a very "prickly" patient at best to cut back on activities instead of surgery. That meant no more running for fetch, cutting back on frapping and limiting his jumping on and off furniture. He took Rimadyl for a few months but has been off meds for years now and does very well. He walks miles with me most days and I toss the ball to him so he can catch it. It works for us but if it had been a full tear I think we would have had to do the surgery. You will hear from quite a few people that have gone through it. Good luck.
We had great success with Soffie using CM conservative management. (No surgery) And we put her on a strict diet to lose 10 pound. After a year and 3 months I would consider her completely recovered. The only "med" we give her now is Cosequin DS and we give her one in the morning and one in the evening with her food. If you've been checking blogs, etc you may have already read mine, but if not I invite you to have a look. And if I can answer any specific questions please feel free to message me.

All our best for Mickey's full recovery!!
Thank you for all your replies. We have considered CM but at this point I think its too late. This has been going on for months. We did 6 weeks of almost complete crate rest (a few walks a day but short) but with another young corgi in the house it is very hard to keep him still. It is now a constant post exercise occurrence and happens during play sometimes as well. We have an appointment on Oct 27th to discuss with a surgeon. I am really nervous.

Judi - I will look at your blog for sure! We keep Mickey at 21-22 pounds (sometimes under) I think if he lost anymore he would waste away..hehe
Justine.... that's a perfect weight!! So at least that's not something you'll have to working on too. Soffie had a partial tear, and we did start right away with her. Always keeping surgery as an option if needed. So I guess, depending on what you'll find out with the surgeon you may still be able to use CM and wait a bit before surgery.
Wow. Typed up a whole response and lost it! I sent you a message...contact me at any time with questions!
Doing a search for "corgi cruciate ligament" is how I found MyCorgi.com. I learned yesterday that my 2.5 yr old corgi Mindy has a problem. She's been favoring her left back leg for a couple weeks and over the weekend she wasn't putting weight on that leg. I'm hoping from reading other messages that we won't need to do surgery - but if we do, so be it. For the next 2 weeks I'll do what I can to keep her quiet -- no running, jumping or stairs & will have 1/2 of a Rimadyl each evening. Our vet said walking was good for her so we'll do walks -- which also are prone to bring on a long nap afterward. I have a lot of reading to do here about this and when we go for a check-up I'll be more knowledgeable. Good luck to Mickey - I am interested in his progress since he and my Mindy are experiencing the same problem.


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