My blue tri colored pem corgi is 7 1/2 months old now and I've noticed that the orange patches on her are spreading! When I got her the "black" (she has the blue-fade gene) was all the way up to her eyebrows, but now she's almost a red-headed tri. The orange also is spreading up her legs onto her back. She has a stripe across her back of a few orange hairs just randomly crossing shoulderblade to shoulderblade in the middle.


I love her and think she's gorgeous, I was just wondering, did anyone get a tri-color corgi and notice they faded? I asked one of my friends who has a true-black tri, and she didn't notice anything. Did you? Is it part of the blue gene I wonder?

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Orion started out with a darker hair around his face as a pup, the red-head tris usually do, it takes a long time for them to get their adult coat color.
Baby Orion:

Still has darker part on his forehead and not a lot of red on his front and back legs.

Toddler Orion, still has eyebrows:

Heres him at about 3 months, still has the darker crown on his head a lil bit:

And Orion now! No more crown on the top of his head (also he used to have a brown spot in the white blaze but the darker part grew together), he has lots of red on his legs now too

He still has some I guess what you would call sabling on his back end that I'm thinking may be just redish by the time he's about 1. On the other hand, Laika (my black headed tri) has barely changed since I got her at 9 weeks, I hear they don't really change much after about 6 weeks old, but red headed tris can change a LOT over their first year

Oh also, I don't have a picture but Orion also has a stripe of red hairs mixed in with the black that goes down his back
yes yes! this is exactly what Wydget is doing! so Wydgy is probably going to end up a red-headed tri then! She still has "black" spots on the sides of her head, the back of her ears, and the line from her blaze to the white spot that would be her collar.
Yeah Wydget is definitely a red headed tri. Orion has a tiny TINY bit of black on the back of his neck before the white around his neck, but that's the only part remaining. Orion's six and a half months old now but I've seen the fading happening at different rates on different dogs. Red-heads and black-heads all start out pretty much exactly the same when born:

The one with the spot on the head is Orion at about 4 days old. The way to tell between red-heads and black-heads can usually be by if the edges of the inside of their ears are black or red, if they're black they'll stay black-headed tris like my Laika:

I've also heard you can tell by how defined their "eyebrows" are: BHT will have very define eyebrows.

You have two super cute pups by the way! So cute together
She's getting her adult coloring! I love red headed tri's! Someday...I will have one! You can check out Livvy on my page...she's a black headed tri...definatley a difference!
Just like others have mentioned, the black colorings, especially on their face tend to fade over time. Here are some pictures of Alwyn as a puppy and how his coloring has changed now at 8 months.
Alwyn at 8 Weeks

Alwyn at approx. 5 Months

Alwyn at 6 months

Alwyn now at 8 months (you can see he has hardly any black left. Just little specks of black here and there. Otherwise he's a full red headed tri.) ^,,^


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