Corgis are herding dogs right? Mine's a mix with a Red Heeler, so you'd figure between the two she'd have gotten some of that instinct. I've seen her herding the cats around by licking their faces (so cute) but she's confused about the soccer ball.

She watches me intently when I'm passing it back and forth between my feet, but doesn't run after it when I kick it. is there some special way to get them to go after the ball like that? I'd love it if she would be more active (beyond chasing squirrels)


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My Wynn loves his soccer ball BUT my others don't like it very well:( I would just leave it out and roll it short distances and maybe she will eventually decide she likes it.

Have you ever tried a  Chuck It ball? The small orange(not the tennis ball but the rubber one). This is a great size corgi ball and all mine will "fly" to get it and Livvy even sleeps with hers:)


Good Luck!

Lucy sniffs at the soccer ball but loves the Chuck It balls (orange or glow in the dark). She tried to pick up a softball once but it was too big and she gave up. She comes up with hockey pucks and lacrosse balls deep in the bushes too, but that's more about possession than play.

Sidney ignores balls of all shapes and sizes. But he'll go after one of his plushy toys like crazy. I guess you just need to find what your pup likes. Have fun with it!

A soccer ball or tennis ball turns Al & Gwynnie into animals!   They chase them like demons.  Al rears back and pokes the ball airborne with the tip of his snout like a trained seal.  You'd think it would hurt, but he's poked it airborne 8 times without letting it hit the ground.  I forget how this developed, I think they just sort of invented this game instinctively.  Only the vacuum cleaner or the garden hose could compete with a ball.

I'm having to restrict this, because Al hurt his stifle last September, and the crazy soccer playing seems to aggravate it -- although he shows no ill effect until the next morning, dogs hide pain well, or it may not hurt until next day.  He has mild patellar subluxation (loose kneecap), so he's gonna be warming the bench for a long time, and although it's his favorite game, I may have to stop it.

Wow thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll have to get one of those chuck-it balls to try out!

What about for cognitive games? I bought her those "find the treat" games but she solves them in a few seconds. Any ideas? 

And I'm sorry to hear about Al, I hope he gets better. I know when Lainie stressed her leg, it was heartbreaking to keep her from playing for all those weeks while it healed. Now I give her the glucosamine even though her leg is healed-seems to help!

I think of glucosamine/MSM as a long-term prophylactic supplement, not a short-term remedy for an injury that's already occurred.  It is "trendy", so I distrust it as a fad, but use it anyway.

I don't think you'd want her after if unless she's gentle haha. Napolean goes after ANYTHING to the point where he'll deflate the ball. You can use treats to get moving, by treating her for going after the ball, or you can use reeeallly good praise when she just chooses to interact with the ball a little. I got Napolean hooked on toys since he was a puppy by being over enthusiastic when he touched one, but it worked ;) Good luck.

Scout has nothing to do with balls or toys (except for soft, plush toys)  but hopefully with some positive association, she'll learn it is fun!  Also, corgi / red heeler mix sounds pretty!  Got any pictures?

I've convinced the hubby to help me give her a bath tomorrow for some pictures.  It snowed here over Christmas and then melted and made my backyard into a giant marshy mud pit. So since her primary color is white.. she is now brown from nose to tail. I'll have to put her pic into my profile tomorrow when she's freshened up.

Get a mud picture and a bath picture too! We like lots of pictures.


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