Thought it would be fun to have a place to show corgi items we have found. I found my kissing corgi/salt and pepper shakers at a gift shop....never expected to see corgis so it was a pleasant surprise.

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I indulged last Christmas and got this license plate frame( When I am waiting for Gabby after school I can see some of the kids looking at the front of my car and giggling. Also picked up the corgi taxi sign in a gift shop in Monterey CA. It is a lot of fun when we see corgi items, we both make it a game, souvenir hunting. Although we have had to pass on some items since they were pretty pricey. Love the salt pepper shakers and want to read the book. Let us know whether it good or not...but it must be great anyway because it had corgis in it.

We were at a craft show and saw a vendor that made dachsunds, so I asked if he could cut off the tail and change the ears to make a Corgi.  This is all done with springs and such from hardware stores.


What are the ears made of? Bet I could do that with my solder gun...geat idea....thanks for the pic!

Table knives!  It looks like he cut the tips off a couple of knives and soldered them on the head

Oh wow this thread is making me aware that I have Corgi collecting issues.  I have a Corgi Hat made by Paige, 3 pairs of Corgi socks, 1 old Tasha Tudor book, two copies of Little Dog Lost- how is it that I book I got as a little girl would be a precursor to me having Corgis?  A Corgi charm on my purse, a 14K Corgi charm that I wear around my neck, a globe with a Corgi in it.  and various signs...............

That reminded me, I also have Little Dog Lost, which I had forgotten about, and Corgi socks too! And a Corgi Tervis Tumbler...

We just have to admit that when it comes to being fanatics, corgi people are the best!

Steampunk corgi pin. It was a Christmas present last year from my mom. She got it at a local art show. Sad to say, she doesn't remember the artist's name and there isn't a name on the card.

Corgi etchings. Again a gift from my mom. I just got them framed. Now, to find a spot to my walls for them.

Some very special items mom has a good eye!

Beautiful pics:)

Forgot I had this...I had it packed away so I didn't have to explain "another Corgi item" haha!

Aaaaw, that is so cute! I want one!


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