Cooper went to the vet tonight and she was able to find a spot that made him cry in pain.  It was near his hips when she tried to bend his knee inwards, under his body.  She is pretty sure it is a spinal issue.  But, at this point she doesn't think it is DM, so that is good!  We are going to see if we can alieviate some discomfort with accupuncture next Friday.  She said that it has helped others with similar issues.  We plan on getting the MRI in the next few months if he is not improving.  So now we wait and see how he responds...


Thanks so much everyone that commented on my discussion!!  Cooper thanks you too!

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I'm glad it's probably not DM...that's a bad road to go down.  Keep us informed of how he does...we'll be thinking positive thoughts for you!  Good luck!
Sending wishes for Cooper to feel better soon.  Hope the accupuncture will help Cooper out.  Thinking of you and Cooper!!
As someone who has chronic back pains (developed disc problems at 16...), I'm sending lots of well wishes your way.  Hopefully pain management and lots of back-friendly exercise should will have him right as rain again!
We hope so!  Thanks!
Way to go Coop! and way to go Jaime!  Good luck with his recovery, it does help when you know that so many care and want to help.  Please keep us updated on his recovery, Solomon and I are sending corgi wet kisses ya'lls way.
Will do!  Thanks!
Good luck! I will be waiting to hear if this works. I am trying to remember which dog and for what my vet had suggested a chiropractor(sp).
Hopefully once we are able (waiting to save $ for it) to get the MRI we can pinpoint where the issue is and try the cool laser therapy.  But until then we hope the acupuncture works!
A nurse I used to work with did acupuncture and her patients did well:)  Hoping it works well for you too!
Keeping our fingers and paws crossed!  :)


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