I apologize for the caps but I received notification from a member, Frank Kwabena that said he needed to contact me and he provided me an email address. I did not reply to it, but did research his name and found he is a scammer that can steal information. I wanted to alert all other members in case you receive a similar message.

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I got it, too! Ugh I hate scammers. We're not even safe on a Corgi website. that's so sad!!

I didn't see a way to report the scammer, but didn't want anyone to reply to him/her. Is there a way to report/block unsavory people once we find them?

Email Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the info...I usually don't reply to people I don't know but coming from here I just might have been tempted.

The message seemed suspicious, but I'm glad you pointed that out; I had actually been just about to reply. So thank you very much for sharing this! 

I emailed Sam!

@Jane....that's the best to let him know what is going on.

Sam always knows what to do and takes care of things:)

Done, member removed! Thank you for letting me know!

@ Jane...yes he does!

Thanks Sam!

Thanks for the warning Heather and the quick response Sam. I changed my passwords just in case.

Wow....thanks for alerting us! Who would have thought?


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