Maromi has been back and forth to the vet for almost a year now. We finally had to bring him in for x-rays, he was breathing funny and stopped eating again.

We found density around his trachea and very little in his lungs. There's also fluid in his abdomen. Our vet was not sure what all this could be but seemed to fear the worst for our baby. We got blood work done. Everything was low except for a specific white blood cell. Sadly, our vet told us that this could mean cancer.

As of right now he really wants to focus on the fluid in the abdomen and find out if that will be treatable before we move forward to the density around his trachea and in his lungs. We're waiting to hear back to find out where the specialist is so we can get an ultrasound (he travels to all the hospitals in the area where we live) And the weather has been really awful so every where else was closed today and we couldn't find him.

Point being, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these situations and might be able to give us some advice, prepare us for the worst, or even some kind words for support. Maromi only just turned 1 in November and this is just breaking my heart. I love my baby to death and I just need to do what is best by him.

Thank you guys for reading and snuggle your pups a little more for Romi tonight<3

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He seems so young to maybe have cancer...hope they find out it's something easy to fix!!!!! Sending healing thoughts your way whatever it may be and please keep us updated!

Thank you!! We appreciate this so much<3

Oh dear lord, this is so scary. I'm so hoping things will work out for you.

On this end, I didn't have to deal with anything so terrifying until my greyhound was 12 years old, close to the end of a typical grey's lifespan. At one? Maybe it's something else. Valley fever, maybe? Surely do hope so!

Thank you, we are hoping for the best over here!! Maybe we'll ask our vet about Valley fever as well, just in case.

We looked up Valley fever, because we had never heard of it before, and the xrays actually look very similar to Romi's. The only thing is that we live in upstate NY and that's not a typical area to contract it? Either way, we really want to look into this. Thank you again!

Can't hurt to ask, even tho' it doesn't seem likely...the worst that can happen is the vet will snort and tell you to stop never to darken his door again. Have you taken the dog out of state? Did the pup happen to come from an out-of-state breeder?  What about TB?

He's never been out of state but I did have a friend/coworker who visited family in Arizona over the Summer. I don't know if you could carry back a fungus like that though. And his breeder was only in Pennsylvania. I looked up the xrays for TB and they just don't look as similar. But I will try to cover everything possible with my vet. Hoping anything treatable at this point.

No, that's not how it's transmitted. Coccidia (the fungus cells) grow in dust. They're dormant much of the time. When it rains, they perk right up. Then when the wind blows and raises a dust storm, mammals breathe in the dust, which carries the coccidia, and that's how we get infected. You can't get it from being around someone or a dog or a cat or a whatever that's already infected.

Anything is possible, and so it can't hurt to ask. But it would be a very long shot. Valley fever isn't the only form of coccidiosis, I think. There may be varieties that affect livestock along the Eastern Seaboard and New England ... dunno, but asking might help to plant a fresh, unrelated idea in the vet's mind.

I don't have any advise or experience with what you are describing. My heart goes out to you and Romi. I hope your vet is able to identify the problem and that it is easily treatable. I will keep you in my prayers. /hugs

Thank you, this means so much to us<3

Oh wow how scary.   Murray sends hugs.

Could it be an auto-immune disease?


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