Hello! Monja and I just got back from the vet who said he is 20 pounds on the dot. Monja is about 7 months old. He doesn't really seem overweight to me and I can easily feel his ribs when I touch them but otherwise can't see them. He also has that hourglass figure with a defined waist. I still give him 2 cups of kibble everyday (once in the morning and once at night), along with some treats or other little additions to dinner, like small pieces of chicken, apple, etc. 

First, I'm wondering if his weight sounds normal. I was surprised that he was so heavy, especially for being pretty young still.

Second, when do I start feeding him less? Eventually, I think I've read that he should only be getting one cup of food. When should I start decreasing how much he eats? He LOVES eating and inhales his food, so if it were up to him, I think he'd say never! haha. 

Thank you!
Melyssa & Monja

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I think it depends on your pup's activity level, and from what you describe he looks good. My breeder said they get to their adult weight around two years old, and while they grow it will go up and down. Bogart is 14 months, 24-25 lbs, and gets 2/3 cup twice a day plus treats and fresh fruit and veggies as snacks middle of the day.

Up to seven months you have fast growth and then you have a slower growth curve gradually tapering off until fully mature around age two years.

Your hands and eyes will guide you, as they do now. He may be a small specimen for the breed, or a large one, but no need to guess, stay with what you observe.   If you notice he is putting on weight, adjust down by 1/8 cup per meal ( on a one cup portion) and re-evaluate in two to three weeks.  It is best not to make big changes.  With mine, who is now an adult, I go up or down a small handful and that's all the adjustment needed for him.


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