Hey everybody, I could use all your advice on something.  I will possibly be adding a 2nd corgi to my family in the coming week and I have discovered that she needs to lose some weight.  She is a 6-year-old spayed Pembroke that is currently weighing in at 35 lbs.  Her current owners have stated that they have started her (not sure how long ago) on Science Diet, but that someone in the family is still probably feeding her table scraps.   I'm not sure what she was on before the Science Diet, but I intend to find out.


My current corgi, Luna, is on Merrick and really enjoys it.  Heck, the cat tries to eat it too (the cat eats Blue normally, which she likes - she just likes dog food too).  Luna currently weighs in at 23 lbs, but is a 10-months-old and high energy.  We regularly go on walks, to the dog park/beach, and have playdates with children and other dogs.


I would like to get some food and exercise recommendations for this new girl so that I am more prepared.  I have never had to go through a weight-loss with a pet, so anything would be helpful.  Also apparently she has never had even basic obedience (although I was told she will sit on command "sometimes") so any advice there would be great as well.


Thank you for all your input.

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The best way to make her lose weight is to feed her about half of what she is eating now.  The instructions on the back of the bag are typically around double the amount any dog should be eating, so cutting it brings the amount down to what the dog needs and nothing more.  If you switch her over to the food Luna is on, feed her about the same amount Luna is eating since she seems to be a good weight for her age.


As for obedience: Clicker training!  

I would find out how much they are feeding her, chances are it's just too much kibble. I'd start with 1/2 cup twice a day and see how she goes from there. You can supplement her kibble with green beans to help her feel more full too. I'd also recommend an obedience class, it will help her learn some better manners and also be a great bonding time for the two of you.
I agree with Jane BUT get her off the Science Diet and on a good food with NO corn Do this gradual so she doesn't get sick. I am thinking that Merick is also a good food.Green beans work great for a healthy filler. I bet with exercise(slowely if she's not used to it) and a better food she will easily loose the weight. Congrats and can't wait to see pics!
It really depends on how much she needs to lose. 35 pounds could either be 1 or 2 pounds overweight or 10 pounds overweight....so your approach will be different. Science diet light is actually a good weight loss food, and is very low calorie. I know a lot of people are probably going to disagree, but I would put her on Science Diet light for at least a few months until you get the weight off. If you switch her to Merrick you are going to need to decrease her food DRASTICALLY because ALL of the premium dog foods are very very very calorie dense. I think it would be easier on you and her to feed Science Diet Light so she will still get to eat her big meals and then after you have reached her weight loss goal, then slowly start decreasing the food and then switch over to the new brand. I have had SO much success with both my dogs and cats  (and client's pets) with this method of weight loss. A new home, no obedience training, switching her food, AND greatly decreasing the amount is just too much too soon for any dog, well adjusted or not. I would take things step by step. Also, if she is really obese you need to be careful about her exercise. The heart has to work a lot harder on an obese dog than a fit dog so don't do too much too fast. This is a situation where you are really best off getting a vet involved and have them help you set weight loss goals and feeding guides. Once you have achieved (or are well on your way to achieving) these weight loss goals, then I'd start thinking about putting her on a premium food, unless the vet can recommend a good premium dog food that isn't going to result in you having to feed only about 2 kibble a day to achieve weight loss.
Find out how much they are feeding her now and go from there. I personally don't agree with any diet dog food(or people food either)...it's about the amount and exercise (according to their level of fitness).

Thank you for all the replies!  The meeting went well and we brought her home with us.  Her name is Chloe, but I am not sure if I will keep the name.  They gave me some food, her bed, and her little hedgehog.  She seems really sweet, but she is a bit chubby.  They shaved her, too, so her beautiful coat is in the process of growing back in.  She is a nice light red, almost fawn, in color.  Please keep the advice coming!

I attached a picture of her:

She is a beauty. Cut back on food and exercise daily. My Dino ( See picture to the right with sunglasses ) was 46 lbs and I brought him down to 32.5 within a year. He got his daily exercise and he did not go hungry. He was feed Purina Weight loss then I fed him Checken and rice. Made daily at home. Checken????chicken and rice. He must have been about three or four years of age and now he is eight. He is able to run like crazy and reach his butt if needs to scratch. 
Congrats/ she has a beautiful corgi smile. Give her some time to adjust before doing too much! Thanks for helping her out!


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