Brick doesn't roll over for a belly rub (yet), but when I'm sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out, he walks over to my foot and stands directly over my foot so that my foot is touching his belly. He then proceeds to stare me down, and if I don't scratch his belly with my foot he will then step side to side to scratch his belly with my foot himself! Such a weirdo. Anyone else experience something similar?

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Frosty does that and if you don't scratch him with your feet, he then starts to body slam your legs and growl at you lol

Haha that's sooo cute

That is cute! Livvy will literally take her paw and remove my arm that is covering my face so that she can be nose to nose with me. Her daughter Sage also has started this.

Hey.  When the tennis ball is dropped at your feet, and you make the mistake of looking into those eyes, you are theirs.

Seanna is very particular about bedtime.  At 7:30 every night, she'll jump up and stand right in front of me and stare me down.  Then if she doesn't get what she wants, she starts the wookie noises.  Then it progresses to little woofs.  Then full out barks.  Then growls and barks.  It doesn't matter what I do or how much I tell her to be quiet.  I finally cave and go upstairs to the bedroom and do whatever while she crawls up on the bed and goes to sleep.  

Bed time: goes to bed & waits for me. If I do not show up shortly thereafter, and my presence is "necessary" (not always so), he will get up & stare at me. woofs may be added for emphasis...

"That stuff on the counter/in the micro must be for ME!": Sits & stares at counter/micro. wiggles & whines might be added for added emphasis. Also the stare followed by looking in the food dish. did that one last night for squash...

"How dare you roll over & try to sleep! You are not finished rubbing my belly": small growl of disgust/annoyance, followed by a jump off the bed, trot across the house, grab chewie du jour, jump back in bed.

"Wake up Mommy!": quiet woof/whine until response is gotten, then he moves in for the cuddle...

Nose nudging at bedtime when HE thinks we should not be done rubbing his belly.


If a hand is hanging off the bed in the mornings, Edison will duck his head under it and proceed to pet himself.  This extremely cute maneuver generally ends in breakfast.  :D

Oh Corgis are just toooo cute! Abalone does this and she always puts her cute little bum on our foot when we are chatting or not paying enough attention to her :)

We have a large, fenced-in back yard that our girls have free run of for pottying or general frapping. 


They used to have a doggy door to go in and out. Because of security issues, we took it out, and now they need the door opened for them.  


for some reason, only I am allowed to let them out. The door to the yard is in the den. My husband can be sitting four feet away from the door, but the girls will come all the way to the other end of the house to come get me to let them out.  Sometimes my husband or my daughter is in the den, and I am SLEEPING and they still come to the other end of the house to wake me up to let them out.  


Procedure:  1.Stare

                  2. If staring does not work within a few minutes, place one paw on arm or leg and stare (to get my attention!)

                  3. If stare/paw does not get my attention (or wake me up!) then Luna starts with a howly wookie noise that                          sounds uncannily like "oooout"


       Repeat as necessary. 


I'm spending three months in Venezuela Feb-May.  I told my husband that I don't know what they're going to do for those three months!

Bear once headbutted my leg because I hadn't noticed quickly enough that his water bowl was empty.

Alex will lay on his side and kick his front paws till I give him a belly rub.If I stop he starts with the front feet again. He also likes to hit me with his stuff toys when I sit on the floor.He shakes the toy just right so the end hits me.In the morning when he wants you up out of bed he starts by shaking his head so his tags clink.Then If that doesn't work he starts the little oof oof noises (like a bark under his breath).It like a polite way of saying "pardon me shouldn't you be getting up?"



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