I used to work at a vet and we always did neuters around 6 months. My vet said she won't do it any younger than that, but 6 months is just fine. Now an acquaintance of my boyfriend said dogs shouldn't be neutered until they're 1 years old. I was quick to brush it off and assume I was right, but then I figured I should ask around and get a more unbiased opinion. So, what age did you neuter your pup?

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4 and 7 months, but it is recommended to do it closer to a year for males at least. I believe females have a reduced chance of mammary cancer if they are spayed before their first heat though.

Six months, but based on what research I've been seeing I would probably wait til 1 year on a male unless I was starting to see really bad behavior that was hormone-driven. Something about hormones and growth plates, and it seems that dogs neutered before one year are at increased risk of certain orthopedic problems. Maybe someone has the research handy and will post it.
I should have said we did ours at six months, but if I get another male dog in the future I will wait til closer to one year. Sorry if that was unclear, and I can't edit for some reason.

@Beth - We neutered Ricky-Rafa @ 5 mo. He was craaazy and it was suggesting that "fixing" him might fix some of his behavior issues. I don't know if it helped. But, any help was greatly needed! Probably he just needed time. Now, at 2, he's a wonderful dog.  I too have heard that some ACL injuries might be avoided by waiting until a year with boys. Next time I will wait. We spayed Lucy at 6 mo. And for the record, we just did an ACL repair surgery on RR. Who knows if early neutering would have reduced his chances of having this injury. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

oops. I meant to say "who knows if *later* neutering would have reduced his chances of getting a tear in the first place. In the future I will wait until my boys are a year old before neutering. my understanding of females is that it's best, if you plan on neutering, to do it before she has her first heat.

I waited until 11 months for Ace. Would have held out until 18 months, ideally, but Ace had one testicle retained within his abdominal cavity so I didn't want to push it. I have read a lot of studies on the matter and felt comfortable with my decision to wait. Slow growth is the best growth for corgis!

Thank you for all your input! Well, it sounds like this outside source was correct and I'm thinking we will be waiting til he's closer to a year. Zorro's not overly aggressive so I'm not worried about that, but we were going to have him microchipped while he was under for neutering. Shouldn't be a problem though, he's definitely not a runner. He won't go ten feet without looking back to make sure I'm still there haha

@ Ashley and Zorro - My dogs didn't need to be "under" for microchipping. It was like an injection. Quick and easy.

My vet that's just generally how they do it because it's a somewhat large needle. Decisions decisions!

When I purchased my wonderful Linus from Anne Bowes, she said that the first time I saw him go from a squatting position to urinate to lifting his leg - get him to the vet.  She said it was this act that is the trigger.  Poor pup didn't get any privacy until.......................  Today he is a clean and loving five year old.   All the best,  Nan 

I made sure Jack was lifting his little leg before we got him neutered too.  :-)     

Indeed Anne Bowes is a wonderful breeder and certainly knows her Corgis. BTW, how old was Linus when he first lifted his leg and got neutered?


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