What are my chances? To get a dog to lose major weight. Update...we will be getting Zip...in June

I recently fell in love with a 2 year old Corgi with major weight issues and I am wondering if I were to get him if I could "help" him loose weight. I will be asking the owner to weigh him for me but for now he just looks like a very overstuffed sausage. Now I do feed good food and NONE of my dogs have any weight issues. The owner has had him checked for thyroid and it's fine and she will also let me return him if there are any other issues. I am just  feeling sooooooo bad for this beautiful boy with a wonderful personality and want to "save him" before  his weight causes forever problems.


2/12/11 We recently decided as a family that we would like to give Zip a loving home and a chance to help him loose weight! Just found out this am that they will let us have Zip:): Can't wait till June!

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Congrats Jane! It sounds like Zip needs your help asap. I feed Ella TOTW and her wait stays very steady. Just feed less than they have him on now. Sure does sound like he's eating more than they are saying. Could be eating livestock food, like you mentioned, or even the animal hay bedding. When we got Ella she lived on a farm and had been eating her hay bedding.   We do the green beans too at dinner time, she loves them frozen (especially in summer) and they really fill her up.

Thanks everyone...I will have to try the frozen green beans...I'll start stocking up now:)  He will be getting Taste of the Wild in limited portion and will start with the same amount mine get. Since he is on a food that has corn in it...I think(hope) the pounds will come off fast! And then he will get plent of exercise once all my corgis and him get aquinted! I never thought that he might be eating the animal bedding but it certainly could be:(
Jane, I give Sophie green beans mixed in her food.  I do buy the big bags of frozen beans.  She won't eat them frozen.  All dogs are different.  I defrost them and cut them up a bit more and mix them in with her pathetic 1/3 C of Wellness.  She looks great now!

Keep treats match-head sized.  Be Scrooge with food.  Don't look into his eyes.

Ours love chasing and rolling a volleyball or Nike Jr. 7" kids' basketball (toothproof); they learn to roll it themselves (at least on a paved surface), so Al practically exercises himself.  Enlist a kid (I need to rent-a-kid to work out my dogs). Remember that this dog may not be very fit, so build up the exercise gradually and slowly.  Tennis balls may be bad for their teeth but they sure love them.

Make sure the dog has fun, you too, else it won't work.


Al faked a sick call last year.  $60 fer nuthin'.  Al's kickback:  the vet said he was a bit skinny and we could feed him a bit more.  Al conned me once again...

Zip is a big boy also not just weight wise and then of coarse the heavy fur when I saw him so I am thinking that he even at a healthy weight will be more like Beth's Jack! The thing that I can't get over is seeing those huge fat little feet:( I will have to start out slow...
Tanner weighed 47 lbs when we got him from an 80 year old lady who had to go into a nursing home.  He was so miserable.  He couldn't walk half a block without having to lie down.  We measured his food like everyone else is saying and we gradually increased his exercise.  He is now able to walk 2 miles with our other 2 dogs with no problem.  He is down to 38 lbs and looks much better.  He has a lot of excess skin, though.  I really wonder how long he would have lived if allowed to continue at his heavier weight.  He is pickier about vegetables and fruits than our other two.  I think he must have been getting a lot of people food before.
Hi Jane! Start him on a raw diet immediately! Nature's Variety is a nice brand. Comes in a convenient hamburger patty or medallions. The friend who recommended this to us does rescues and has had many amazing results in getting his rescue dogs to lose the weight and keep it off!
Orion and Laika love carrots and apples so I'll give them little bits instead of dog cookies some times which I think is healthier and may help with weight loss (assuming your new guy likes carrots and apples). Also, I've heard that if you need to do any training/rewards to take kibble out of the daily amount you're feeding and use that as treats. I'm sure with some portion control and persistence you'll get him down to a healthy weight. Good luck!
Our Moira was 48 lbs. when we rescued her.  (You can read her story on my profile page if you're interested.)  She'd walk three steps and fall over, breathing so ridiculously heavy you'd think she would stroke out.  It was horrible!  We put her on good food, giving her only 3/4 cup per day.  No treats unless they were veggies.  Walked her little legs off, too.  It took about ten months to get the weight off.  She now weighs 24 lbs. and we're very diligent to keep her that way.  She still has some issues with her back and legs because of the excess weight, but her personality came shining through when she started to lose weight.  She's just awesome now at 9 years old and full of piss and vinegar!
Thanks Cindi...gives me hope...I know we can do this he will be on a grain free food and exercise as tolerated ! When I saw his fat feet my heart just sank:(
Hi Jane. My max was a huge dog, We got his tested all the time and I think at the end the vet hated us. We tried everything for years. I don't know how to post pics but will when DH gets home to show you max wasn't always big. I know it shortened his life. The funny thing was he LOVED his walks and although he would sit and rest sometimes his walks made him so happy.

Jane, you certainly will be able to help Zip loose weight.  It sounds like your dogs are very active, so he will be getting a lot of exercise.  Sophie got up to 36.5 lbs last year and I spent all year getting six pounds off of her. At the first vet visit she weighed 34 lbs and he gave me diet advice which I took and she gained 2.5 pounds.   Well, it was trial and error and finally I came up with the right formula.  1/3 C Kibble (she gets Wellness) twice a day mixed with about 1C cut up defrosted frozen green beans and big spoonful of canned pumpkin. The green beans and pumpkin really made the difference.  That should get the pounds melting off of him!  Good luck and he is lucky boy to have you want to bring him into your family and help him get in shape!


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