UPDATE: What are things you wish you had known about Corgis before you got one?


I am wanting to start a blog about responsible dog ownership.  I talk a lot about responsible dog ownership on Reddit and I find myself writing the same things over and over.  It will be easier and more thorough for me to write a blog that I can reference!  


For one of my posts, I want to write an overview on owning Corgis for those thinking about adopting.  Our midget pals are growing more popular with the Royal Wedding and all that, and as you know, Corgis really aren't for everyone.  If I can prepare future owners for the task they face, I can go to sleep a happy owner.


So, what are things you wish you knew about Corgis before bringing one home?  Anything.  Temperament issues, health issues... whatever! 

UPDATE: Since this thread was resurrected, thought I would put a link to the finished product: Own Responsibly: The Comprehensive Corgi Guide- A Resource for New ...



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that they are beyond stubborn and bullheaded lol
Examples? haha.  I agree, but someone asked me why when I said that and I couldn't put my finger on it exactly.
for one when I tell Valentine to get out of the kitchen for the 100th time she still comes back in and pretends not to hear me at all lol they have a way of ignoring you when it benefits them - gotta love them
Those big, big ears and they only hear what they want to hear.  I love it!
ahh yes and they are way smart enough to know which person (husband lol) they can get away with things with :)

Better to ingnore you with....HAHAHAHAHAHA


@Rachael - LOL. Rafa has the biggest ears and hears nothing I say unless it involves food. Lucy gets so disgusted with him that she responds to my command when he doesn't.
lol.  Yes, Gracie can hear the fridge door open from the backyard.  :)

Our Ein can be very stubborn on walks... Randomly he will decide that he has gone far enough and will plant those front paws into the ground and give us a look that clearly states "I'm done". He usually does this when he doesn't get his way (ie. we go in a differnt direction than he wants or when my husband walks him and I decide to stay home). Too darn smart for their own good... Hopefully some obedience classes will snap him out of this.


OMg! this is what Coby's doing exactly same thing!
Yep, Jack's a champion foot-planter.   For the same reasons you described:  going on a walk other than the one he planned, or when someone stays home and he thinks we've forgotten them.
Yep, Gracie does it too.   We'll be crossing the street and if she wants to go in the opposite direction, she'll sit down in the middle of the road and not budge.  I've had to carry her on a few hiking trips.  I can't tell if she's exhausted (how can she be?  we've not even gone a mile), bored, or just not getting her own way.  Very spoiled doggie!!


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