Since I am only a few weeks into being an owner I am taking a survey about which brands of food are preferred. My vet recommends purina one puppy food and that is what I started feeding. Now I am reading that this is "junky" full of undesirable ingredients as are many seemingly good foods. I have been reading about Blue Buffalo and Innova. Any thoughts?

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Good luck with the allergies. Figuring that one out can drive you crazy! Thats one of my biggest worries is that Pearl will develop allergies. My sisters dog has allergies to practically everything, I don't envy her.
Oh wow that's horrible to be allergic to everything! We think its seasonal because she grew up in VT and we moved her to VA.
FYI...Taste of the Wild has a large differance of protein between the 2 I can get.The bison has 32% and the salmon 25%. I normally buy the salmon and will need to for pups and Sage but the bison has a great high protein level for adults!
Ella's on the TOTW "Fowl" bag says 32% protein. I love that she got excited when I got the bag to read it. lol
We feed both my Corgi and my parent's terrier Blue Buffalo and they seem to like it.
Innova is what we started off on, it is a really great food, i would stay away from Innova Evo as it is really high in protein for a corgi pup. We then switched to Redmoon which is a custom food you order online, it was a big pain to get to a store that sold grain free food, it is amazing and my picky girl just loved it, made her coat so smooth and nice, with Innova we had to add stuff to get her to eat (we then found out she did like any food with grain, she also has a corn allergy). We moved and now we feed Horizon Legacy both dogs just love it so much that i can use there regular kibble as a treat. Other ones i considered where Wellness Core and Taste of the Wild but Horizon won the taste test.

Here is a great dog food rating site.
Shiro had enormous amounts of stool on Innova. Had to switch.
As puppy, he got Nature's Recipe for Puppy. No problems, loved it. But I do wish I fed him large-breed puppy food!! As adult, because we now shop at a convenient local pet store right down the street, he gets Now! Fresh turkey/salmon/duck Adult kibble. But kibble makes up such a small portion of their diets, I think, because Eddy gets bully sticks, raw bones, treats for tricks, bananas, antlets, etc. I dunno. To support his tiny corgi metabolism? Eddy only gets like 1 cup, 2 cups max if he's starving, of dry food a day these days.
*antlers. And both those foods are grain-free.
California Natural just came out with a new grain-free line that seems great, simple and healthy ingredients.
Buffalo Blue is the only food our boys are not allergic to!
I am looking for something other than the Science Diet Healthy Naturals that we use because I think Milly has some allergies. Unfortunately, when I bought the Buffalo Blue she did not like it. She refused to eat anything even though I was mixing her food. When she got really hungry she took out only her old kibble and spit out the Blue so I gave in and bought her the Science Diet again. I am looking into something holistic maybe.


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