I'd like to know if anyone here could tell me what breed is featured on this bag of dog food. I saw this product at my local pet store and the dogs caught my eye. At first I thought, small breed, erect ears, kinda fluffy, maybe a Papillon? But the colouring and head shape seems a bit off.

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My first thought was papillion as well. A puppy probably wouldn't have a full coat and ear fluff yet. There was a black and white one in one of my classes.

My guess would be Papillon also....maybe they just thought they were cute pups and not a specific breed?

Perhaps, but on all the other bags it's solely purebreds so people could be like "Ah yes, my dog is X size like that one, I've seen it!", or so I think.

Wouldn't Papillon puppies have more ear hair already?

The head shape makes me think long-haired Chihuahuas?

Chihuahua or papillion

I agree with Papillion. When I google Papillion puppy here is what comes up:

looks a lot like the pups on the bag. I'd think chihuahuas would be a bit more disporportioned, as pups they tend to have HUGE heads lol.

I thought that too, but every Papillon pup I saw was at least as fuzzy as the one you show, and some much more so. But the guys on the bag have plush coats with no ear fuzz.

My first thought was Papillion too :)

Thanks for the replies, all. I would be maybe 60% sure that these three are Papillon puppies but I dunno, something about their coat and head just make me doubt myself. Whatever they are, it's something fiercely cute. I think it's the first time I've really loved a small breed's looks. :-D

 I goggled Papillon Puppies and those are defiantly pappies ^_^

Looks to me like a Papillion with some bad photoshopping on the fur.

I thought the same thing! And the shadows XD


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