Hi everyone!

So we're going to make the switch to Blue Buffalo finally and I've been looking online at my choices and am not sure if I should get the one for small breeds or standard. Also if you guys can tell me which flavors your pet prefers or which your prefer, that would also be super helpful. Thanks!

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I've considered Blue Buffalo but made another choice to all Canadian and natural product, safe for Human Consumption too.   It requires half of the regular intake of any other foods but the box will last me about 100 days for 125.00$

What made you decide on Buffalo, considering the head splitting varieties out there?

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely look into it. But I decided on Blue Buffalo because I seem to come across an overwhelming amount of dog owners using it and loving the results. I figured I should give it a try because I'm not really happy with my current one. Yoshi doesn't seem like like his food very much and also I suspect he might be allergic to it. 

Not sure if it's available in your area but all they suggest it can do it's worth a try in my book.



Thanks for the link. I just checked. Looks like they don't have it here though. 

Standard size. Corgis are not considered a small breed.

Thanks! And just so people don't think I'm a COMPLETE moron... The only reason I ask is because on the Blue Buffalo website, they have this chart that says Pembrokes are considered small. So I wasn't sure if I should go with what the actual company says or if I should go with the fact that corgis are not generally considered small breeds. 

Corgis are definitely not a small breed.  By weight, they are medium.  But by metabolism, they are actually a large breed.  

In general, pound for pound small dogs need more calories than larger dogs because they metabolize quickly.  Corgis, in contrast, are "easy keepers" who need fewer calories per pound than most dogs of comparable bone and activity level.

I feed Blue Buffalo to Lucy--both kibble and wet. She is 3 and I use standard size weight control dry (yellow bag). For wet--which I use in small amounts--Lucy gobbles up any of it and all of it. She is 28 pounds and I feed her 3/4 cup 2x day, with a heaping tbsp of wet.

I use the same Blue Buffalo as Laura does...in the yellow bag for weight control.  I use to have a lot of problems keeping the weight off Max in the winter even on another weight control food.  He's a big corgi to begin with and needs to stay closer to 35 lbs than 37lb.  He is almost 12 and has a neck problem so it's not quite as nuts running around like he use. I had gotten a free sample of dry cat food and gave to the resident cats..they like it and it really worked in getting extra pounds off my big boy.  Decided to try it for the dogs and I am happy with the results.  Has to be close to 5 years maybe that they've been on it.

Linus was on Freedom Grain Free Puppy and Freedom Grain Free Adult until he was almost 2. He'll be 2 next month and we only switched him off of it because our puppy didn't tolerate it. They now both get Acana Single Protein Lamb, because it's just easier to have only 1 kind of food to buy. We loved Blue, Linus is beautiful and perfect weight. Our vet always comments on what a great looking and healthy dog he is. We think that's because of the Blue.

Thanks for the replies, everyone! I can't wait to see how Yoshi responds to Blue Buffalo. So far, so good. He's gobbled it up every time we feed him. Whereas with his old food, he'd leave it there until he was starving. It might just be because it's new and interesting to him, so we'll see how it goes. 


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