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Replies to This Discussion much as I love good beef I would rather eat a chicken veggie burger than the "unknown" meat in cheap chicken patties! It's also got a descent protein content!

I actually don't like beef myself and chicken can give me the ebiegeebies at times. I think I could be a vegetarian, not vegan, however. I love me some good cheese and other dairy products. :)
Buffalo Blue. But Cody also gets chicken that I roast or boil for him. Also little treats here and there. He loves whipped cream!

Well...we've gone through the list of foods for her, everything from Science Diet to Blue to even Sam's Club food.

I found a little gem though that she is on, better yet it has Glucosamine in it for her hips/joints as those little legs take a pounding. Its from Tractor Supply Co. and their native brand of 4Health, they've a lot of flavors and yet to find one she won't eat (though the inner Corgi isn't particular so she'd prob. eat it regardless).


Best of all its cheap, 38 bucks for a 30 lb. bag which lasts my lady around 2 months give or take (higher quality means less food for equal calorie count).

Hope this helps out :)

We are in the process of transitioning Hazel to Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Food. The breeder had him on Nutri-Source Small and Medium Breed Puppy Food which we continued for a month after we brought him home but he wasn't too crazy about it. Then there was the chicken meal ingredient being the first listed ingredient on Nutri-Source's. I have read some good things about Solid Gold and really liked that real lamb meat is a primary ingredient in the food.

We started with a gradual switch two weeks ago at 1/4 Solid Gold and 3/4 Nutri-Source. Now we are at 1/2 and 1/2. Hazel loves Solid Gold. We've also noticed that his coat is softer and shinier now.

I feed my Corgi Natures Domain, Grain Free Beef, I buy it from Costco, she loves it. 

It's only $30 for a 30lb bag. 

I feed my corgi a commercial raw diet that's very popular here. It's balanced, but since it's grinded I complement with meaty bones, and pumpkin or sweet potato for soft fiber.

This report just came out. It's a little scary.

The Pet Food Test Results

Wow that is pretty scary... I'm so glad I switched both my dog and my cat to raw... I don't see Orijen on there though, it would have been interesting to see it tested. 

Good grief! You can't win for losin' with commercial dog food, can  you?

I feed my dogs real food prepared according to dog-safe recipes.  However, while I've been sick, I've had to switch over to WellPet's rolled moist dog food, which is as close as anything I can find to what comes out of my kitchen. Wouldn'tcha know: Wellpet is overdosed in calcium, sulfur, and phosphorus...and what dog do we know who's prone to UTIs?

They tell me recovery from the next surgery will take about three weeks, and after that, we're done. As soon as I can pick up a pot, it's back to REAL FOOD for the hounds.

Why cook though? You should read up on the benefits of raw. :) I was very skeptical myself, but after seeing a friend of mine change the life of an australian shepherd with 1000000 health issues in a matter of a few months of raw feeding, I gave it a try. I'll never look back! Both my corgi and my cat are healthier than ever with super glossy fur and plenty of energy.

Why cook? Because I've taken a year of  microbiology. I know what pathogens reside in raw meat, I know what they can do to my dog (it's a myth that dogs are somehow immune to pathogenic bacteria that appear in raw meat), and I know what they can do to me.

Reports of the excellent results from feeding raw diets to dogs and cats truly are impressive. But I'm just too conservative to want to take that kind of risk.


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