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Well, I guess a good and balanced cooked diet is still way better than kibble. :)

I personally believe that as long as the raw meat is human grade (which it should be) and frozen for the appropriate amount of time, it's perfectly fine.

But I do understand the concerns, it took ME a while to do it. 

Just got my dog a few weeks ago but am currently feeding Canidae Grain Free Pure Sky. Thinking about switching to Canidae Life Stages All Life Stages.

I liked Canidae all life stages. I feed mine Taste of the Wild as I have found a place near me that carries it at a good price!

I have a corgi that is 12 years old and still going strong. She has been on a diet of  mostly Wellness core and once in while Blue buffalo. Half a cup in the AM and half in the PM. She also gets a few vegetables when we have them with our dinner. 

She's still a puppy. So, she gets a combination of Wellness Core Puppy Food (canned) and dry kibble, Taste of the Wild (High Prairie or Pacific Stream flavor).  Every now and then we throw in a little roasted or poached chicken for a special treat. We try to stay grain free with her diet and that seems to work best for her.

I just adopted my brothers 3 yr old corgi. He had him on purina chow food. After reading and searching I have changed Earl over to Pure Balance Wild and Free. Bison and Pea recipe. Grain, soy, corn and wheat free. 4 star. He has hip dysplasia. Since I have had him 1 1/2 weeks, he has no steps to climb and no hard wood floors. I take him to the park everyday after dinner at 4pm. We sometimes walk during the day also. He is doing so much better. Now my brother feeds his 7 yr old corgi the same food. Elton, is having the same problems climbing stairs and walking on the floors. So today I told him to get more throw rugs and carry him up the stairs or make a carpeted ramp. Just 2 high stairs is how many Elton has to climb but it is to much for these dogs. I knew nothing about corgis till my brother. Well, he says I can't feed Earl any human food. That he is a pure breed and he will get sick. Well, he eats my baked cod and sweet potatoes. He loves cherrios and peanut butter. Just a little as a treat. So to all you corgi lovers, as a beginner am I doing O.K? Can I fed Earl other human foods? And is it ok to feed him 1/2 c. morning and 1/2c. for dinner?  I like that idea of jay and deedees. I think feeding twice a day helps with energy and blood sugar. Thanks for any tips. I'm still very new with Earl.

I tend to rotate between brands such as Vet's Choice, Pet Guard, and Tiki Dog brand. Tipper is eight years old and she is doing fine on those foods. It has taken a lot of experimentation to get to the point of finding a few brands I feel good about. I've also sneaked Tipper a little peanut butter or sweet potatoes from time to time. Those ingredients are found in dog foods or dog treats. I also give her a few cooked green beans or a tiny spoonful of plain yogurt from time to time. Tipper loves to eat so I have to be careful. I think a lot of the cautions about feeding human food  are related to weight issues and feeding the "wrong" human foods. After all, human grade meat is higher quality than most of the meat you'll find in dog food. Why would it be harmful to feed it?

I use to use Innova but when the family owned operation sold out to Proctor/Gamble I stopped and started him on Fromm's Chicken a' la Veg and he's doing quite nicely with it.

Igor unchains the beasts

HAHAHA!!! ^^love this

after being a pet owner to a cat and dog i have learned over the years that we have different ideas on a balanced diet, situations that call for a specific brand of dog food, or if u want to cook. since having baden and learning he was allergic to chicken and cant tolerate oatmeal i was torn i had to switch brands because i believed it was the best (wellness) and then having to move here to CA i simply could not afford it! i have switched from tons of brands finding one that baden could eat and would not tire of and most important, what i could afford. i have chosen natures variety prairie and im thrilled he loves it, i can afford it, i can rotate flavors, and hes very healthy.

same went for my cat, he has urinary issues. as most male cats do and has to be on a special diet. having to stray away from the natural brands and i can not buy dry anymore, even though wellness has 3 blends of cranberries, he has to be on wet food and boy is it expensive!!!! wellness, halo,and blue was toooo rich for him and would throw up all the time. hes now on purina pro plan UTI care and also natural balance.

never did i think i would buy these brands but certain situations call for changes. dont get caught up in the hype. get what will work for your dog and your budget :) most people feed blue but my pets cant handle it. some recommend call of the wild but badens coat was sooo dry from it. theres tons and tons of brands. do your research and choose whats best for your dog

Well said! Do what works for you and for your dog, not what someone tells you is the be-all and end-all.


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