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I am just now switching Sophie over to Wellness Core Reduced Fat dry. She's been on a weight reduction program and I had her on Science Diet Lite. She really seems to love her new food.
I've been feeding Aspen a mix of Wellness puppy and Nutro; she wasn't eating the Wellness as much, but my breeder recommended it to us so I wanted to keep her on it. The Nutro small breed puppy has smaller kibbles, and mixed with the Wellness she is very enthusiastic about it.
I will eventually be switching her to whole foods.
Dick Van Pattens's Natural Balance Duck and Potato!

Wysong Canine Maintenance

Adult female Cardigan, about 25-26 lbs, one cup per day.

Adult female Cardigan, 27-28 lbs, one cup to one-and-one-fourth cups per day (depends on how close she is to 28!)

Adult male Cardigan, 36-37 lbs, one-and-one-half cups per day.

One of the reasons corgis are too often overweight - weight can change based on how rounded or flat those measured cups are!


Wysong Feline Vitality

Three cats, one cup per day (adult male Maine Coon, 20 lbs, adult male Russian Blue, 8 lbs, adult female moggie, 10 lbs).

You can bet the bag recommends more than one cup for 38 lbs of cat!


I feed both my Corgis Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. Both my Corgis are thriving on this kibble. They have shiny coats, shed very little, (for corgis!) only twice a year, and rarely have loose stools. I checked out several websites, including,––but for me, the most important thing is how well both my male and female corgis are doing on this kibble. I supplement with one: multi-vite (Nutri-Vet); fish oil; omega 3; and Nasty Habit (as my rescue had a nasty habit––but, thanks to nasty habit, that habit is gone!).


I forgot to add that my female, Lucy, is 5 yo, and my male, Ricky-Rafa, is a year old.

I feed my 21 lb female Corgi 1/2 C of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul kibble, and my 32 lb male 1 3/4C of the same kibble PLUS 1 each: multi- vite; omega 3; flaxseed and NASTY HABIT. My rescue had a nasty habit, and I can't recommend Nasty Habit enough. Over 40 yrs of owning Corgis, this is the only supplement that has worked. I began with the suggested dose of one or two, but needed to add 3, initially. Then I've slowly reduced the dose to two, one, and now only one with my rescue. I soon plan to eliminate Nasty Habit and see how he does. It's amazing how much more you love to be kissed by your Corgi. <big grin>.

PS I also supplement my Corgis kibble with treats throughout the day. Our Corgis also supplement their kibble by eating lots of fruit from our trees. So, we don't have an exact amount of kibble we feed them daily. We gauge their dinner by how they look. If either are looking overweight, we reduce the amount of kibble at dinner, or vice versa.


Having taken the time to give this info, I realized that this is the 17th page, & no one will ever get this far... 


I did Wendy!!!!
Thank you, Jane and Natalie!
I read it as well

Half kibble--either Taste of the Wild or Merrick

Half home cooked food that replaces canned.....the first step toward switching off kibble entirely and moving toward raw.

i swap from time to time so they dont get bored.


biscuit in the morning

wet food mixed with biscuits at night


brands i use are;

advance (australian brand)




i tried the barf stuff (natural wet food) but they didn't really like it. =/

I feed my corgis Rachael Ray..they love it!

The nutrition is right, and the price is fair!


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