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I also feed Bryson the Innova Evo small bites after reading the rating on the dogfoodanalysis link above. I've also heard great things about feeding raw, a lot of corgis I know eat a raw food diet and they're thriving.

Innova Evo works great for him so far. The only problem was when we first switched over, we neglected the fact that this food is a lot more energy rich than his old food, Iams. (537 vs 426 kcal/cup), so when we fed him the same amount, he gained 3 lbs in a few months!

We also put cooked veggies (green bean, carrots) in there, just to add some bulk so he feels like he's eaten more!
I feed Theo a natural food diet, not a raw diet though. I'm not quite on board with the raw meat thing, but I still believe that "whole foods" are best for him. For protein I'll usually feed him chicken or salmon with beef and pork sometimes sprinkled in if it's on sale at the store. I'll also give him eggs sometimes in the mornings. For carbs I do brown rice, barley, and oatmeal, and I also do potatoes, which is kind of a veggie/carb mix. For veggies I grind up celery, carrots, peas, etc (they're easier to digest when ground up I hear). And I also feed him a bit of apple and banana, cottage cheese and yogurt, and a little bit of oil and salt. I still add a little kibble (I did Annova puppy, and now I'm using wellness, but will probably go back to innova when it's gone) and a vitamin supplement. I actually measure it all out, I just didn't want to get into that here. :)

Theo LOVES his food and the only thing he usually leaves behind is the kibble, but not before licking off any oil or yogurt that might be stuck to it...go figure.
Well don't I feel backwoods lol. Ein gets Purina Puppy Chow, until he turns a year then he will be upgraded to Dog Chow. The breeder was feeding him Pedigree, which he turned out to be allergic to red dye #40. I've been told to start feeding Royal Canin Medium #32 puppy, but it's expensive and I'd have to drive 90mi to get it. Ein seems to do just fine on Wal-Mart worthy food.
be careful about feeding grocery store brands of dog may seem like they're doing fine on it, but the equivalent of them eating those kinds of foods everyday is like you or i eating mcdonalds for every meal. yes we could survive eating it, but it's really not good for us.

I'm doing Purina One, I wouldn't fill bad if I was you. Honestly when it comes to the nit and griddy of buying dog food, it's a matter of what you think is okay for your dog. IMO its no different then getting into a argument/discussion on what humans should eat.

If you have a Tractor Supply Co you might check out their brands.

Yes, many farm supply stores around here carry the good brands. Also some foods have a food locater on their sites and will show exactly where you can get the food.

I tried feeding Oliver a whole slew of things in the last 2 years or so that I had him...looking back, I probably shouldn't have done it, but as this was my first dog ever, I wanted to try some foods to see what he liked best. I always wanted to try and feed him healthy, better quality, dry food, as I know you "are what you eat." I basically stuck with the options at PetSmart/PetCo, because I wasn't aware of the stores that had many of the high quality foods that I heard of...
So the breeder started him off on Pro Plan. When I ran out of the samples, one of my friends swore on Eukanuba, so I tried him on that, and it was okay, and then a few months later my dog trainer recommended Nutro, so I tried that, and that was okay....then I started looking for high-calorie foods, because I noticed that he wouldn't eat all of his food all the time (he totally didn't seem food motivated at all, which I took to mean that he didn't love his food), and decided to give Blue a try,...and he would barely eat his food, he'd pick out the little "lifesource bits" and he lost about 7 lbs (and he's a pretty small corgi already, only about 21 lbs.) I was trying everything under the sun, like putting sauce on his food, mixing it with wet food, the works just to get him to finish the food so I could try something else. Finally I got fed up and just decided to try to go back to Pro Plan....
and he licks his bowl clean. All that to just end up with the original food! He seems super happy with it, and I don't want to mess with it anymore. : )
FYI most food that would "taste" better for your dog means higher in fat content. Kinda like in humans! But if it works for you that's great!

Mochi's been the same way, very picky with her food. We've been on like 3-4 different kind of food. She doesn't always eat maybe she'll skip a mean every 3 days or so, but if she doesn't need then i don't force it. She's the one that knows her body, dogs in general will not starve themselves.
I give my Malibu Pro Plan but i give him the Pro Plan Select which is a little better than the basic Pro Plan. I give her Lamb and Rice. I am currently thinking od switching to California Natural but if your only choice is petco than I would suggest switching to the Select brand.
We started Leena on Pro Plan, changed and then went back, too.  It's really a pretty good quality dog food.  Don't let people guilt you on what you feed your corgi.  Get what you can afford!
I also feed pro plan. I really like it. I have had my dogs on royal canin, science diet, blue buffalo, iams...but indefinitely think they do the Beat on pro plan. I do supplement with dasuquin and some raw veggies. I have seen a lot of dogs get fat on blue buffalo and a few with urinary stones, so I shy away from it! Purina does extensive research on their foods which I really like.


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