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We just found out that Ozzy may have a food intolerence.  He's now on Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Ultra  $$ for a few months in order to narrow down what he MAY be allergic too!  He was fine on Nutrience Puppy food and its been downhill since we started to transition him onto Adult food.  At least the vet confimed : no heart worms and tests were negative for 3 different parasites! (ouf) So now....we wait! ;o(


So we have been feeding our corgis blue buffalo food for almost 2 years.  During that time, I have been searching for a more reliable food - this food is great, but there is very little quality control from what I have found when researching.  I wasn't too concerned, and I didn't really put much effort into researching until our vet visit last week (6/23).  Our very excellent vet told us to seriously consider switching food because he had recently come across some important research papers on the quality control issues the the Blue Buffalo food has.  Though I did not read the papers he said he has in his office, I did spend several days seriously researching the food.  The result?  Same as the vet told me.  Not a bad food, but little to no quality control within the company.  We would rather be safe than sorry.  We never had any issue with the BB food.  I found another food brand that has similar ingredients, plus better stuff and an excellent quality control assurance program.  We are in the process of switching from BB to Wellness.

How did I research?  I did four things:

1. Check ingredients at

2. Check brand website for contact info and quality control information

3. Check prices and availability at our local pet store

4. Check FDA website and read the dog food recalls

This was a very informative process for me, so I thought I'd share it with you and maybe save you a headache or the general agony of trying to find the best (quality, price, convenient) food to feed our corgis!  

Purina one pro plan

Mine like that too Roxy all of them

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.

Bento loves his Blue Buffalo Basics: Salmon and Potato.

I use Call of the Wild and Natural...The breeder used C.O.W. so I kept him on it. It keeps his poop brown so it must be doing something right.

C.o.W. had a recall but according to the diamond website nothing showed up positive. Plus the bags that were recalled I don't own nor was my state one of the recipients...phew >_>

Tapiola eats Orijen 6-fish mixed half & half with Nature's Balance Vegetarian formula to balance out the super high protein levels in the Orijen.  He is doing great and has the softest coat! 

Eventually I'd like to replace the Nature's Balance portion with fresh homemade food since it's basically just brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes, etc... surely feeding him these ingredients in a fresher form than kibble would be easy, and healthier!

Sheldon is on the Healthy advantage for Puppys from Prescription Hills :)

Ein gets Addiction, the new zealand lamb kibble (not the dehydrated raw food). I discovered that she licks her feet (allergy reaction) with beef. Also the veggie missing link supplement and a spoonful of Nancy's yogart. It keeps her fabulous!

Pepper was eating Eukanuba Puppy but didn't seem to like it. I switched to Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies and she seems to like it much better. I put a spoonful of cottage cheese in her food as well.

I saw the Rachel Ray in the store.....we may try that!

I gave my baby TASTE OF WILD for puppy.  She is 9 month now, i am thinking when to change to adult food ?


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