I'm not talking about the rough playing or the spat that ends relatively quickly.  I'm talking about the full on faces stuck together kind of thing that erupts on occasion.  What happens if we just ignore it and allow it to continue.

We always break it up.  I'm getting squeemish about jumping in a pulling the dogs apart as I've been bitten 3 times in the last year - one dog bit my stomach accidently when I pulled her apart and picked up the other combatant and on a different occasion after I pulled the dogs apart I put my hand up to block another dog running into the action and caught a tooth.  The third bite happened when I was walking 2 corgis and an unleaded pit bull decided (luckily for me) that he wanted to stand on top of my dogs - one of the corgis bit my arm as I tumbled into the mass.

How far does it go if we let the corgi on corgi action run it's course.  Last night we had 6 corgis around, about the 20th time for this get together when a fight erupted for the first time ever with this group.  All 6 of the female corgis were involved in one way or another - a male shelty set and apparently enjoyed the action.  We had to remove four of the dogs before we got the whole thing calmed down.

Seems like we get somekind of incident 3 or 4 times a year.  What happens if we just let the fight play out?

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My mom just recently had to get rid of her corgi/mix due to this same fighting. She really started to hurt my mothers old dog. And tried attacking a little boy. Finally she had to take action.

Attack a little boy?  Yep sounds like it's time for the dog to go.

It's probably not going end up well. My two males would go at it on occasion and unless I jump in they wouldn't stop. There was this one time I was out on the patio bar-b-queing and they got into it. It was a while before I heard them and could jump in to break it up. Both had bitten each others ears and drew a fair share of blood.

We hope they don't fight when we aren't around - guess there is a first time for everything.

My male and female have a fight at least once a day, and I always break them apart and separate them for  a while. I have been bitten on several occasions but I would rather have it be me than them. My female is the one that starts every single fight so we try to watch out for warning signs and stop it there before it gets out of hand. I think the more they fight, the more aggressive it gets so I try to stop it as soon as possible. I really would try to end it before it gets too bad.

Thanks for the response.  I think you are right.  That's a lot of dog fights you put up with.  At one time we had a male and a female and he would aggressively set her straight yet she never fought back - would have been extremely foolish for her to do so and she knew it.

It's a really hard situation to deal with, especially when you have a dog that doesn't have specific triggers. My two have never fought over food or toys, it just seems that sometimes, my female gets into a "mood" and just attacks. She has attacked my male when all he was doing was laying down minding his own business. Luckily though, it's easy to see when she is in the "mood" Her haunches (front and back) stick straight up and she has this horrible " I'm going to mess you up" face that freaks out my male and causes him to aroo and search me out so he is out of harms way. Luckily though, they haven't fought for a day or two.

At the vet I used to work at one of our clients had 3 corgis, the two younger ones attacked the older one so violently that the older one had to be put down because if his injuries. It really does depend on if the dogs truly mean business or are just establishing a pecking order. Very rarely Franklin and my parents dogs will get into it but its mostly a lot of noise and no teeth. We let these battles play themselves out and they are easily broken up with a sharp word. I wouldn't let a true fight progress or else somebody is likely to be severely injured or possibly killed, especially if several dogs are involved.

That is just so sad for everyone involved. I wouldn't know what I would do if my two ended up hurting each other that severely. It' needs to be remembered that they are still animals and are capable of causing damage, regardless of  their size. 

I'm guessing you'd end up with some serious injuries and trips to the emergency vet.

Yep from these responses that's what it sounds like - for sure that what it looks like experiencing it live.

My experience although there haven't been many...they keep escalating...my last fight between 2 females and a 3rd was starting. I had to break up and nothing nearby:( I ended up with a plate and 6 pins  in a finger. Didn't get bit though...I had each by their collar but they kept lunging at each other and after so many time I guess my finger got twisted. Never felt a thing till I got to the house and put my hand on the counter. This was a rare occurance as I don't usually have both outside running together and they were fighting over the darn goats.


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