What is the weirdest thing your corgi has eaten???????

We just had take-out chinese food and my kid was sitting at the table reading a fortune cookie - and as soon as my kid said "on the back of the fortune it says 'Learn Chinese' How do you say" ___________ WHOMP - my corg jumped up and ate the fortune (THE PAPER, NOT THE COOKIE!!!!!!)

This dog will each most anything - scallions, raw squash, he even ate an orange balloon once!

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YAY I am so happy that sweetie is not the only one that eats everything. i have to hide my gum she love spearmint every time she eats it call the vet he say the same thing she will pass it.Thats not the only thing she loves buttons paper carboard,its a constent battle o well shes too cute i guess i will just keep calling the vet.!!!!
Sugarless gum is deadly for dogs, in fact anything made with the stuff is.
My grand dog (the doberman) eats things when left alone. Three very expensive surgeries later the vet says if she does it again it will probably kill her. She started with one of those string toys and graduated to rugs etc. Now she lives with me and gets kenneled (with no bedding because she would eat it) when I am not home. My corgis will eat anything that is "food" but not other stuff. It is important to really monitor the things they have available to them in the first few years especially when left alone. It becomes a habit and will endanger their lives not to mention your pocketbook! Lots of exercise will keep them tired when your gone so they don't look for so much to get into. Also, we love the kongs!
Plastic Handles of
-Steak Knife
plastic frisbees, stuffed animal innards, and his own fur. all very delicious!
My Corgi accidentally got into some bulk chocolate covered cherries once. I caught her in the midst of the 2nd box... LOL. She didn't seem the worse for wear. :D
My Prince ate some dark chocolate truffles once, so we had to induce vomiting. Dark chocolate is deadly. He has also eaten chocolate covered raisins that are double bad for them also. He ate meds, and rat posion. I think he must be a cat/dog who has nine lives.


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