What job would your dog's choose if they could??

I find it interesting how different my dog's interests are. Sparty would have loved being a hearing assistance dog. He loves to bark and always runs back and forth from the door/phone etc to let us know it is ringing or someone is here. Izzy would be the beauty queen at the dog show. She always wants to be the center of attention and loves to be petted or talked to. Misty would have loved to be a search and rescue dog. She loves walking in the woods with her nose to the ground and is the first to see deer, squirrels etc. What would your dog be?

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LO would like to be the guy that gets the golf balls except he wouldn't need to drive.
I think if Jack were raised around livestock, he would have been a great working farm dog. He's high-energy without being hyper, he likes to go all day, he loves being outside. He keeps an eye on things and reports back if anything is different, and then lets me decide if it's a threat.

Maddie, well I'm not so sure about her! She's got a short attention span and she's a born follower. She would want a job where she didn't have to make many decisions. She loves to cuddle, and I have never once seen her protest anything a person does to her (she'll stand up for herself with dogs, but figures it's in her best interest to just submit to whatever the humans decide). So I think she would have been a great companion dog for someone with special needs. Not a "service dog" who had a job, but one of those dogs whose job is to, say, provide comfort to a chiild or sick person and never leave their side.
Soffie would be a security guard dog. She is always on alert!! And likes to keep everyone in their place!!!

Griffyn would be a circus clown dog. He loves to play and have fun and to be the center of attention!!!
What a great topic!
Wynn would be a doctor...not sure if MD or Psychiatrist...but he diagnoses people all the time and I trust his judgement!
Bella would be a stay at home mom spending quality time with her kids and also not afraid to use gentle discipline.
Livvy would be some type of a sports person...her and her balls!
Sage would be an ambassador or some type of therapy person with her great attitude. and willingness to share her happiness
Wiley would be a nurse...I think??? She seems to know what to do!
Teddy would be a "greeter" at a store! he's just always soooooo sweet and happy!
Jackson would be a lawyer as he likes to find alternatives.
Jane.... WOW, if only they could all earn a paycheck!!! : )
Chester would most definitely be a model. He's very superficial and concerned with his looks! And he's been practicing his poses as you can see in this photo.
I love Chester's looks too! And I forgot to mention that if Food Taster was an option all of mine would give up their other vocations.....
Excellent point! Also for Chester... professional ice crusher and rabbit hunter.
Stunning photo! Love the eyes, especially - very nice DOF!

WOW!!!!!!  Absolutely beautiful!

Ok...I read the title...not the whole thing...sorry but I was putting them into human jobs...ooops!
Why can't dogs have human jobs? Sometimes, I think they would do them better....


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