What should I know about being a first time Corgi owner?

 I want to adopt two eventually. Was recommended to get them from separate litters and not at the same time. Is it better to get a boy or girl first?  I have a cat, does it matter with male vs female Corgi?

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It really doesn't matter if you get a male or female first. I find the males generally to be more cuddly and the females to be more focused but that's just my experience. I would strongly suggest getting one puppy and waiting at least a year before getting anothef. Research litter mate syndrome, there are some problems related to getting littermates.  Most importantly you want the pup to be trained before adding another. It is really hard to house train two puppies at one time.

Thanks Bev!

I have to agree with Bev on the difference in personalities between male and female.  Both my males are/were total love bugs, very cuddly and need/ed to be where I am.  My female is independent.  She does love to be petted, more so as she has gotten older (13) and will spend time on your lap but not for long.  If the males are not on my lap they are on my feet or as close as they can get.

Can't tell you about littermates, all of mine have been adult rehomings but reading that I have done suggested it was not the best idea. Plus the older, trained dog (housebreaking) will set an example of the new pup.  All of mine have been from the same breeder, Max and Katie were related....cousins.  As for a cat...doesn't matter if it's a male or female. dog.  I also have 3 cats and they all get along great.

Thanks Linda!

I had my 2 from separate litters. They were 3 months apart. Gunner we got at 12 weeks and Gracie at 9weeks. We got Gunner at the beginning of August and Gracie the end of September. Gracie although younger has always acted like the momma. Gunner was definitely a cuddler. Gracie had to be sure all was well in the home. I didn't have much trouble at all with housebreaking. Gunner because he was older our breeder had already done most of the housebreaking. Bonus for us! They got along with my cats and each other right off the bat. Gunner has since passed of lymphoma. Gracie has mourned for a year and is now coming out of her shell. Good luck to you!

Thanks Darlene!  Much Sympathies in losing sweet Gunner :(

Did you get the boy or girl first?  Did you have any issues with the girl being aggressive?  Thanks again :)

Glad to hear Gracie is coming out of her shell again, poor baby girl.

Darlene....I am so sorry about Gunner.  We lost Max to a combination of lymphoma and DM.  When I let our breeder know about Max when he was diagnosed she was contacting me on the same day to ask if I would be interested in taking another adult.  We did take Brady and had the 3 dogs for several months before Max passed.  We knew we would want another and thought it would help Katie since she had never been an only dog.  She did mourn for Max but I think having Brady, who is younger and nuts, helped her to get over it in less time.  He also helped us.  Max has been gone over a year and there is still a big hole in my heart but Brady's antics and silly personality keeps us laughing and actually brings back such good memories of Max when he was that age.

I can't speak on males but we have a female who is a year old. She is VERY independent and sometimes overly dramatic when things aren't up to her standards. She is also a very "proud" dog with a lot of confidence. The breeder did tell us females are confident. I've often heard females aren't as cuddly but we haven't had that experience. Ours will not object to snuggles at any point in the day- she often sleeps on her back, on my husband's stomach at night. If we're home, she loves to be in the same room as us or she'll give us the typical corgi grumble. She is also very focused when it comes to training and picks up on things almost too easy. I'm not sure if this is just ours but she can be mischievous- this is entertaining for the most part as her adventures are usually innocently playful. We had two cats when we first brought her home. She's very good with them and gives them their space but in our experience, I would recommend crate training so that the cats don't feel like their territory is threatened. She has actually taught them how to "herd." They each have their respected toys that they herd around the house. Now, all 3 of them sleep together at night. Good luck!

Thanks Anne!

Our breeder said males will normally welcome a female, but a female can be picky about letting in a new male and suggested that if we wanted two, we get the malel first.  Of course every personality is different.

I was also told females tend to be stronger willed and males more easy-going, but our girl was a passive cuddler and Jack is a dog of very strong opinions.  Smart, focused, stubborn.  Loves attention but hates to be cuddled and only tolerates being petted.   They are all unique.  

Thank you Beth!


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