We got our little Corgi, Toast, a month or so ago. She is generally independent when we take her to new places; she'll explore on her own and we're always chasing her down. However, in our apartment, she follows us everywhere. If you roll over on the bed she'll crawl over to the other side. If you get up to go in to the kitchen, she follows you. What's most noticeable is how she'll drop whatever she's doing - even if it's playing with someone - to follow a person in to the potty. Why is this? She doesn't even watch you! She just goes and sits next to you while you do your business and then wanders out when you're done and leave as well. 

It's not bothersome at all... I'm just curious as to what the hell the reason behind it is. 

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Our house has wooden floors the same color as our red/white corgi. He follow me everywhere and if I am not careful he will be the cause of my first broken arm. He blends into the floor and I can't even count the times I have left him in one room, only to fall over him in another. It is especially bad in the kitchen when I am turning with things in my hands. Our other corgi in a tri and his black back makes things a lot easier.
hehe, my red/white corgi is the same with our laminate floors! good thing we hear the pitter patter of her feet on it!
Yes Eddy follows me everywhere. Even when I go to another room just for a second, he follows me for the journey. I feel weird when he's at daycare and no one's following me from room to room.

If he's too tired to observe, he lays with his head on my feet so I'll wake him up and he can follow me where I go, which is usually just to the kitchen and back again.

It took him awhile to get out from under my feet though, you know like the constant tripping over the corgi and stubbing your toe on the corgi. Lots of practice.
Ours has the nickname "Mister Underfoot," because he is always, always, always there. It's clearly just a corgi thing!
Hah, Shiro is 14 months and he's still doing it. He'll sit on my feet in the bathroom or when I cook and sleep under my chair when I'm using my desk.
I think it's just dog's natural behavior. They were bred to be our companions and to always want to be with us.
That's one of the many reasons we love them.
Imagine how it is to jog with one. I nearly tripped over Shiro running full speed many many times. Have to keep the leash real short
Pooka loooves following me in the bathroom. Though its kind've embarrassing when she follows strangers into the bathroom! HAHA! it makes them uncomfortable but some will let her go in with them as long as I tell'm its fine.

I agree with the herding thing, but also think we can encourage it in our training. I am always talking and calling to Pooka, especially if I don't know where she is and loving on her when she comes to me so I've kind've trained her to do it. For a while I tried to make sure, if she was sleeping, just leave her be when I got up, and not letting her follow me everywhere (bathroom) but eh, in the end I don't mind a velcro dog
I agree, Pippin tries to stay awake when he is obviously exhausted, he just is afraid he may miss something... that and they are very protective of their parents (that is how they see you)
I tried to convince Ian (my boyfriend) to let me name our Corgi Pippin.. but we ended up getting a female so that idea was shot down :)
I love reading everyone's responses. It's so sweet to know how much corgis like to follow their masters. :)
I love reading these responses, too! Dewey follows me around, too - such good company!
A corgi is a velcro dog. Or, I am a velcro human.
Neither is a bad thing :)


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