The other night my daughter noticed Tucker not being able to jump up on the couch.
I also have noticed when he goes up and down stairs he is very careful about going up and down.  The thing I find odd about this , is that he isnt limping or favoring his back leg(s).
When I was touching his back right paw he whined a little.  I then checked his Paw a bit later, but this tume no whining!?

He still will run and play with Lance and doesn't seem bothered by it then either.  If he has a running start he can get up on the couch.

His nails on all paws need to be cut very
 badly.  He is really bad about sitting still for that.  I am wondering if his nails being too long could be affecting his jumping ability?

Would his nails being too long affect his ability to go up and down the stairs as well?

October 28, 2011

Well, here I am writing about the same thing that occurred almost two years ago to Tucker.  I have been resting him for the last couple of days.  Today I gave him a dose of dog aspirin from petsmart.  As i read through the blog from two years ago, we took him to the vet and he was prescribed Rimadyl. 

My question is, do I give Tucker the aspirin for a few more days and let him rest as well or do I need to take him to the vet?  If my memory serves me he was on almost two weeks of rest when this happened last time.   The one time I let Tucker briefly out of the kitchen he wanted to run and play of course.  Do they feel no pain!!  I know they are good at hiding pain.  What to do, What to do!! 

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Could he have twisted and hurt his back? Wynn did this awhile ago and is fine now but appears to be more cautious. I don't believe it has to do with his nails.

Is that a new pic of Lance with his ears up on your profile pic???

Well Tucker is going to the vet tommorrow afternoon, the vet wanted to check his back, but Tucker whimpered a bit when I was touching his paw, I dont think its his back.  What was the treatment When Wynn hurt his back?

The profile pic of Lance is from about 2 years ago, one of my favorites.  :) & the other pic of Lance on my background is from when we first got Tucker. 

Tucker still seems to be ok with running though although he hasnt been doing too much of that.  I have him resting inthe kitchen now though til we see the vet.  

Could you take him in to a groomer or your vet to have his nails cut? Around here it's really inexpensive, like $10 or less I think. At least then you could rule it out as an issue/not an issue.

I am definately going to have the vet cut his nails while we are there. 

Noodles did this a while back and I made him lay low for a full day. I came home at lunch time to check on him the day I noticed he was taking the stairs carefully and not jumping on the couch. He was the same way at lunch, so I decided if he wasn't better the following day, he was going to the vet. That night we didn't take our 2nd jog (we only walked in the morning so he could do his business) and I wouldn't allow him to move much. The following morning, he raced down the stairs and acted like nothing was wrong. I have not a clue what was wrong the day before, but he has been fine since. I hope Tucker is okay, please let me know what the vet says.

Back from the vets, Tucker pulled a muscle.  The vet checked his back just to make sure, checked his knees, they were good.  Tucker did really well for the exam, wish I could say thar about getting his nails cut.  He put up a good fight, which I expected and by fight I mean not staying still.  The vet had asked me if I could leave the room, as sometimes they do better without the owner there.  The vet and two vet technicians were able to get the job done.  What finally worked was having the door open so he could look out and the vet holding him while the vet tech cut his nails and the other vet tech talked to him and scratched his head.
Whew, that was exhausting, the little time I was trying to hold him still.  He is a strong one!  I hope the vet tech is ok, she seemed a little sore trying to hold him still.  I feel bad.  

Even with a sore leg he managed to have strength to fight his nails getting cut.
He is now resting in the kitchen, I'm sure he is exhausted.

For the next two weeks he will be getting plenty of rest along with rimadyl.  Hopefully after the two weeks is up he will be good as new.

Praying for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the update. Noodles sends corgi kisses Tucker's way.

Thank You!

Feel better soon Tucker. Natalie...I have Teddy who takes me a vet and a tech to cut his nails...I know how it goes. We sat in a chair for the back nails last time and that worked better but needed 3 people for the front...what a fight his nails get pretty long in between!

Thank You!  Yeah, its easy for them to get long in between when they don't like their nails cut.  I bought a dremmel about a month ago, but have yet to try it.  Might need to start seeing if we can get him used to that.  Its exhausting, just the thought of cutting his nails, lol.

Hope he's better soon!   Jack's impossible with his nails too.   No way the vet can do them and I spent 6 months on training him to get him to tolerate it, but there is still one front paw that I really can't do.

Thanks!  What I don't get, is when we rescued him and I had taken him to the groomers to have his nails done, he did fine.  I held him on his back and she cut and he did really well, maybe I shouldn't have stopped taking him there!!! 


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