I have 2 corgi's, one will walk on a leash and goes to obedience and all that jive. the other (Titan) Will freak out once that leash is attached to his collar or even a choke chain. He bites and growls, and he will stay in one spot until the leash comes off. Any suggestions how to get him to be okay with this?

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Let him get more familiar with the leash. I let mine (while supervising him) carry it around the house ....he eventually got use to it over time ...

How old?

My corgi wouldn't walk with his leash either. He would literally lay on his belly and not move. I bought the lightest leash and collar I could find and had him just drag it around the house while giving him bits of treats every few mins and praise. Then I worked up to holding the leash and guiding him with more treats and praise. By the second day, he was beginning to walk a few steps with his leash outside before stopping and needing to be encouraged. By the end of the week, he was walking normal!

Sheldon didn't like the leash when I first got him. I did lots of positive reinforcement to make walking with the leash fun. He also got the chance to carry it around the house just to because friend with it :)

Billy wont walk on a leash but it is because he could care LESS what I want.  He has no problem with the leash or collar he just wants to go the way HE wants to go.  Somebody suggested a choke collar but Billy does NOT respond well to negative things.  I am soooo beyond over this, just taking him out to potty is causing so much stress on me.  he goes out there just fine but then wont listen to a word I say...EVEN with treats

You have to out stubborn him haha, corgis are too smart for their own good haha! Teaching the "heel" command as well as "leave it" helps a lot.
Obedience classes are your friend! Our 60lbs ( at the time) coonhound was a nightmare with his attention span, but classes helped tremendously.

I am soooooooo ready for obedience classes.  He is still battleing his mange so no shots yet...i just hope it isnt too late by the time I am able to take him to classes.

Also, he seems to just NOT like to come to me so no matter what puppy voice I use (even in the house off leash) he just stares.


He's still healing and remember little treats work wonders! Have you trieds tiny bits of cheese or hot dogs when he does come?????

He'll learn:)

He loves his treats, it's the only way he will do anything.  He seems to be a lot better at following me or listening when he is worn out tired, but that is hard to do seeing as I can not walk him yet (for both medical and he wont walk reasons)

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about him getting mange :(
It's never to late to teach a dog new things! The saying "you cant teach an old dog new tricks" is false haha, no worries! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

Thanks...he seems to be just fine and healthy but we find out Saturday if it is FINALLY gone.


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